6 ways to Effectively Deal with Haters | Video Inside

“No matter how great your behaviour is, or how nice you are to people, there will always be that group who won’t like you. This is not a bad thing because everyone has their individual tastes, as well as aversions.”

It’s ok to have those set of people () that can’t like you even if you gave your life for them.

However in as much as it’s ok, one has to have enough skill and ability to with them so that one can go on peacefully in life despite their existence. Here are sis steps on how to with the haters.

  1. Ignore them

  2. Never retaliate

  3. Don’t apologize for your existence

  4. Don’t try to please everyone

  5. Be aware of their existence and excercise caution

  6. Use love to counter their efforts

These steps are better explained in the below. Check it out.


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