7 Things Men Do Privately that Women will Never Know

Date 2015-06-18

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Just like women, we men do certain things privately that are exclusively known to us only. Before I go on further, I want to issue a disclaimer that the things inherent in this article is not performed or done by every man. Some men might do one or two of these things while others might have a combination of more than a few. Moreover, the ones that actually do them will hardly admit they do anyways, or will they?

Get Naked
Women are known for enjoying walking around naked when they are home alone. Well, men also enjoy this. The reason for this isn’t far fetched given the fact that being unclad gives an air of freedom.

Spend Quite Sometime In The Toilet
The reason we do this is majorly because we take our phones, tablets and sometimes laptop along with us to the toilet. This form of distraction makes time pass by and we barely even notice. That’s because we become enthralled with games, instant messaging and other social applications. Some of us use that time to scan Detroit listings in the hope that we can meet our life partners or just hookup.

Watch P0rn
We’d never admit this but we watch quite a bit of p0rn in private. At times, the p0rn is strange to us giving the fact that we stumble on it through the numerous internet pages we surf. We find ourselves in a logjam in the adult entertainment hole and we emerge later from it with a sort of unsettled and disturbed mind based on the weird things we saw. The thoughts disturb us as we wonder if we can live up to the acting we witnessed.

Talk To Our Moms
Almost every man does this! We mostly talk about the women in our lives with our mothers in the hope that they will tell us when we are in the right or wrong. Mothers will still mostly question our stories of being right when we put our women in the wrong. In all, they make us feel better no matter how terrible the situation may appear to be.

Regularly Check Up On Ex-girlfriends
We actually obsess over this up to a point. Guys do this to monitor the progress of their exes. We want to know how they are doing, if they are more successful than when they were with us or if they are now dating a guy worse off than us. In a way, we hope our exes are no longer as beautiful as when they were with us, so we can laugh and smile about the fact.

Sulk and Cry
For whatever reason it is, the society believes that men should keep the emotional outbursts to a minimum. This has put some sort of pressure on men to always appear strong no matter what the situation calls for. That is the way it is and in order not to appear weak, we would rather cry in private most of the time. Be it an emotional scene from a movie, a heart break or the loss of a loved one, we will show the world our strong side and secretly shed tears in private.

Sing At The Top Of Our Voices
The crazy part about this is that we sing out loud in croaky voice to absurd music. We do this in private in order to shield ourselves from criticisms. We do this while carrying out a variety of activities including taking our bath, cooking, cleaning or while engaging in any form of idle activity. Funny enough, we sing to music you have no idea we actually like. The songs coupled with the singing activity actually has a way of improving our moods and general outlook to life.

Miss You
We privately miss the ones we love, especially our girlfriends. We get to only truly have fabulous private moments because we know our partners understand and are always there for us.


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