Ladies, See 7 Terrifying Effects of ShapeWears [e.g Waist Trainers] On Your Body

Date 2015-11-24

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Ladies, See 7 Terrifying Effects of Shape Wears [e.g Waist Trainers] On You

These items may seem like the best invention ever if you are going to a big event, or maybe for some just out to the store, to cover your unsightly bulges for excess fat. You simply slip these items on, and Wa-La! Your body is instantly transformed and streamlined. How could something so awesome be bad? I will explain.

Listen ladies…and some men, we are harming our bodies in the name of smooth garment lines! Not only are these items painful, spanx and other shapewear are literally squeezing your organs! Though many of us will deal with the pain and suffering to look better, most of us have no idea about the health ramifications of these garments, and this revilation has been backed up by gastroenterologist Dr. John Kuemmerle, and chiropractor Dr. Karen Erickson.

1. Organ Compression

First off, these shapewear items couldn’t do their job if they aren’t tight, but this leaves your stomach, intestine and colon compressed, which Dr. Kuemmerle says can worsen acid reflux and heartburn. Restrictive clothing can also provoke erosive esophagitis.

Your digestive tract is also affected, this happens because the intestines are supposed to contract and move food along, but when they’re compressed over a long period of time, the flow of digestion is slowed or even stopped. Haven’t you eaten a huge meal, and then unbuttoned your jeans? We do this because too much food and tight clothing can lead to unpleasant symptoms like abdominal discomfort, bloating and gas.

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