The Best Way To Go About An Elevator Pitch

Date 2022-10-24

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Elevator. Business Man Pointing To Transparent Board With Text: Elevator Pitch

Elevator. Business Man Pointing To Transparent Board With Text: Elevator Pitch

Let’s assume you’re meeting someone for the very first time at an event, and you need to introduce yourself as fast as possible, say between 30-45 seconds with everything that can “sell you”, how do you make this happen? That’s where an elevator pitch comes in.

Young African Businesspeople Having Conversation In Elevator

Young African Business people Having Conversation In Elevator

How can you develop an incredible elevator pitch and get people to buy into you almost immediately?
I have often time used a technique that simplifies elevator pitches and it is so simple anyone can learn it.

Firstly, you want to be sure you have the right listener. You can’t make sense to everyone no matter how valuable you are, you’re not money, but I’m sure you get the drill?
Be sure you are pitching to someone who sees value in what you say and it’ll be easy to get them to buy into you.

Having cleared this, this is how you start:

  • Have An Intro That Attracts
    Like copies, your intro should attract who you are pitching yourself to. Be careful not to sound sale-sy, a simple introduction could be about you, your name, a compliment or a question to start the conversation. If you are able to grab attention from this stage, you will be on your way to holding it down now.
  • Retain Attention By Presenting Value
    Even though you do not want to sound salesy, the point at which you need to tell your listener how valuable you are is here. Don’t be boastful, but be sure you’re confident and sound like it. Tell your listener what you’re offering, what problem you are solving.
  • Be Pitchy Brief and Clear
    30-50 seconds is a good period to clearly state who you are and why you think someone should be interested in you.
    Don’t talk a lot about all the achievements you’ve made or the previous works you’ve done. Just be compelling enough while keeping it short.
  • Be Human, Be Authentic
    When you’re trying to pitch, be sure you’re sounding like you, don’t be fake, be real as much as possible and show it when you speak, if you’re being you, you’ll be more relaxed and able to deliver instead of trying to copy someone else in order to impress.
  • Close the Pitch With A CTA (Call to Action)
    What are you trying to get your listener to do? You add this last as your Call To Action.
    It should move your listener to do what you want, want to know more and possibly lead to an exchange of contacts.

There you go, that is how to sell yourself excellently.

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