14 police officers paraded alongside 45 others for ‘kidnapping’

The police in yesterday paraded 14 policemen and 45 others for alleged kidnapping, cattle rustling, and others.


The policemen inlcude, among others, ex-ASP Yuguda Abbah, ex-Sgt Habila Sarki, ex-Diphen Nimmyel, ex-Sgt Yasan Danda, ex-Sgt Abbas Mailalle, ex- Sgt Bwanason Tanko, ex-Sgt Donan James, ex-CPL Idris Salisu, ex-CPL Zakari Kofi.

Police spokesman Don Awunah said:

“Personnel of the force who use their offices to be corrupt are singled out and dealt with according to the law to deter others.

“The officers who erred were arrested, subjected to internal disciplinary measures and punished according to the gravity of their offences.

“This unacceptable professional misconduct is categorised as follows – aiding and abetting serious crimes, conspiracy with militants and disappearance of explosives.”

The spokesman explained that interrogation and confessions of the ex-policemen led to the arrest of principal suspects and recovery of arms and ammunition.


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