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Fuel sells for N500/ltr as Minister of Petroleum remains a Ghost Worker

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Fuel sells for N500/ltr as Minister of Petroleum remains a Ghost Worker |

FuelScarcity-Petrol-sells-for-N500-per-liter-as-Minister-of-Petroleum-remains-a-Ghost-Worker-NG-Papers.jpgAnother Christmas is here, and as expected fuel price has hiked beyond expectations. It's normal to see petrol price increase during the Christmas festive period in Nigeria, as it is said that Petroleum Marketers hoard fuel to sell as an exorbitant price. These hoardings, as well as speculations, contribute to Fuel scarcity in Nigeria, but with all the Campaign promises of APC and Mr President being the Minister of Petroleum, one would expect things to be ok....or at least not get as worse as it is!

As at today 23rd December 2017, Petrol price sells at 300 Naira in fillings stations and 500 Naira in Black Market. This fuel scarcity is so bad, people can hardly find petrol to buy and it has made transportation price to multiply. Transport fare from CMS to Ajah, for example, used to be 200 Naira but is now N500. From Lagos to Abuja Used to be around 5k to N6,500 but is now 15,000 naira.


The hardship under Buhari Administration continues to take a toll on people, as they can't afford most of these expenses that were not budgeted for.  The queues have gotten longer than the Nile as people wait under the sun and waist hours waiting to fuel. Most of which are unable to.

Fuel sells for N500/ltr as Minister of Petroleum remains a Ghost Workerqueues-NG-papers-FuelScarcity-Petrol-sells-for-N500-per-liter-as-Minister-of-Petroleum-remains-a-Ghost-Worker-NG-Papers.jpg

As Minister of Petroleum, President Muhammadu Buhari who is the Minister of Petroleum has continued to remain silent in his usual manner, as we take a little throwback of his tweet in 2015 during his Campaign to be President, where he complained bitterly about fuel price. But is silent on the issue at hand.


The Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) has stated that the government is working to address the scarcity and make fuel available nationwide. But we are yet to see the effect of this declaration.


Oil Marketers on the other hand, via the Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN) said there had been an improvement in supplies to its members across the country in the last few days. All these are just like water on a rock because fuel price continues to increase and price of things in Nigeria follow suit. We hope the Minister of Petroleum alongside oil Marketers resolve this, so the ordinary Nigerian won't get frustrated to the extent of contemplating suicide.




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