Open Letter To Senator Natasha Akpoti Uduaghan On Her Role In EFCC Persecution Of Yahaya Bello- By Barrister Halima Alfa Gaya Phd

Date 2024-04-29

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I am writing you this open letter my dear sister because of the love I have for you as a person and as a fellow politician and women leader from Kogi state.

Life they say is transient and so also is an individual’s political life. The present state of our dear state calls for unity of purpose and as leaders, it is surely our responsibility to aggregate the inert energy and intellect of our people to make things work better for our people.

My intentions of writing you this open letter is for the record purpose and for the fact that our people needed to be told the truth about your roles in the present political vendetta against our former governor, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello.

Before you,  there were many politicians who have excelled both at the national and at the sub-national level in Kogi state.

The man Yahaya Adoza Bello you can never deny was one of your greatest political friend and indeed your boy friend, a fact know all over the state that from the beginning those who are in the know about your relationship thought it would finally end up in marriage between both of you but  till today,  nobody knows the reason for the collapse of your relationship.

Many today I can tell you felt that that the political grievances between both of you today has its foundation from that. As a fatalist and a believer that God allows or disallows, I felt that you my younger  sister should have outgrown the bitterness that comes with such disappointments and put it behind you in order to face the future which God has pre-ordained for you.

I say this because today to the best of my knowledge, you are happily married to the glory of Allah.

Secondly, I want you to remember that your being a senator representing the good people of Kogi central today is only by the grace of God who gives power to whom it pleases.

Refrain from vengeful tendencies because the best form of vengeance they say is forgiveness. Yahaya Adoza Bello after all is your brother from the same political zone and tribe. As leaders we must at all times think about those things that unite rather than divide us.

Many of the known reasons for the present political victimisation, intimidations and embarrassments by the EFCC against our former governor, Yahaya Adoza Bello have the ingredient of your avowed wish to punish and be eternally vengeful against him. For the sake of our state and people, I urge you to stop my sister because posterity will never forgive you if you don’t Learn from history and it will not be kind to you.

You know my dear sister that nobody is saying if Yahaya Adoza Bello is actually after due and deligent investigation by the EFCC that he has actually stolen the funds belonging to the people of the state, that he should not be prosecuted but the people are against his present persecutions for political reasons known only to his political enemies like you because the politics brought into it  have your imprint.

I assure you that difficulties and disappointments which are bound to happen to a common man is ephemeral and while you are smiling today because of the pains you think you are causing your worst political enemy, the same may be waiting for you some day. Retrace your steps and give peace a chance because Yahaya Adoza Bello shall surely overcome and my final advice to you my dear sister is that if you insist on going ahead with this your vengeful filled trajectories, dig a very small hole so that you will not be consumed by it.

Finally, I wish you reflect on this sisterly advice written to you with good intentions and redirect your steps because we all need each other in future. This time indeed calls for prayers and commitments to what would make our state better rather that personal vendetta’s taken too far.

Stop, Natasha, stop.

Yours elder sister
Barrister Halima Alfa Gaya Phd

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