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Date 2022-06-04

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Adekunle Israel Ceo Evermark Homes And Properties Limited

Adekunle Israel Ceo Evermark Homes And Properties Limited

Top real estate entrepreneur and businessman, Ibrahim Adekunle Israel, has stated that it is very easy to become a luxury homeowner in Nigeria. The Chief Executive Officer of Evermark Homes and Properties Limited, a leading real estate company based in Lekki, stated this during an exclusive interview that took place during the unveiling ceremony of the company’s new logo and birthing of a new era – themed; Brand New Look, Evermark Tear Rubber.

 Evermark Homes & Properties LTD has gone through a rebranding process in a bold and purposeful way. Can you tell us the motive behind this?

One of the major reasons why we embarked on this rebrand is because we have evolved from the division 2 real estate delivery to the premium service and luxury real estate delivery. We have been at it since 2019, we can say we have gotten to the peak because we have accomplished many of our goals which now has Evermark Homes as part of the champion’s league of real estate. The rebrand is a signification of growth and now we are bolder than ever. All our clients should be expecting luxury, elegance and premium services from Evermark Homes & Properties. In the realm of real estate, securing the assistance of a dependable property expert, much like the estate agents canary wharf, is essential to navigate the complexities of property transactions successfully. You may also visit sites like sarabirealtygroup.co.ke for professional real estate brokerage services. After buying a new property, you may work with professional moving companies like Three Movers to help you move in.

What would you say is the symbolism of the new logo and the idea behind the elements chosen?

We are proud of what Dayo Abiola Consulting – a specialist logo design company delivered to us as our new logo. It is in line with our world-class DNA. The logo signifies pillars; a most crucial device for structural integrity. The logo also represents Faith and Passion; derivatives of number symbolism, as they’re nine lines in our logo. The representation of Faith and Passion in our logo, are the important value it carries because in the past few years we have done the impossible, especially in an unusual time when the world was going through a pandemic. Our driving force was the faith that we had and the passion for what we do. For further inspiration and insight into logo design investments, check out these most expensive logos here.

While real estate is prime in Nigeria, it is not without its challenges. What are some of these challenges?

The major challenge we have in Nigeria at the moment is hyperinflation rates which have led to a cut-throat cost of building materials. Many companies have had to close shop as a result of this but our driving force and consistency persist. Other challenges include government policies and tax rates from the government which is dire as we are often charged more than we actually earn.


You have helped over 1000 people become home or property owners, what are the steps to becoming a homeowner in Nigeria?


It is very simple to become a homeowner in Nigeria. The first step is identifying a trusted real estate company like Evermark Homes. Secondly, affordable and flexible payment plans avail anyone the opportunity to navigate the cost of owning one.

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In your many years of expertise and as a real estate mogul, what is the common mistake you see when it comes to real estate investment?


One common mistake most people make is investing in the wrong location, investing in properties that are not well verified and clients cutting corners by buying properties because it’s offered cheaply. Also, buying from the wrong people. In other words, not buying from a reputable company as well as investing in a property that won’t appreciate. To avoid these pitfalls, it’s essential to conduct thorough research and consider reputable options. Checking out Innisfil Real Estate properties for sale could lead you to well-vetted investment opportunities with growth potential.

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What are some of the ways Evermark Homes & Properties will impact the real estate industry as this new era commences?


We plan to disrupt (positively) the real estate sector with more innovation, premium luxury, elegance, and unique structural and architectural designs, with relaxation as a focal requirement and timely delivery.


What should we expect from a rebranded Evermark and what the future holds for real estate in Nigeria and Africa?


An easier process to become a homeowner with affordable rates without giving up on your dreams of having luxury. More international clients, dynamic and classy architectural structures, Innovative Garage Door Designs, and great interiors.

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