Donald Trump campaign makes $1m after Mueller report release

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The Mueller report put another one million dollars in President Trump’s campaign coffers.

“The release of the full Mueller report directly led to the campaign raising more than one million dollars,” Trump campaign COO Michael Glassner told The Post.

“Relative to our recent daily average, the Mueller news drove a 250 per cent increase in fundraising from grassroots donors.”

The campaign crossed the goal line midday Friday with 1,000,428 dollars in Mueller-related donations.

One way the campaign cashed in on the report was through a video hitting critical Democrats.

“Now it’s time to investigate the investigators,” it said.

The video also asked supporters to check a page where they could donate 28 dollars for a limited-edition “I SPY TRUMP TEE,” which pokes fun of President Barack Obama’s official painting — the one where he’s surrounded by plants — and instead shows Obama hiding in those bushes with binoculars spying on Trump.

The Trump campaign had already reported a 30.3 million dollars haul for the first quarter of the year, nearly equal to the donations of top Democratic rivals Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris, who brought in 18.2 million and 12 million dollars respectively.

Source: NY POST


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