13 yr-old Smashes Mum’s Windscreen because She Seized His Phone

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smashed-windscreenA 13-year-old boy walloped his step-dad round the head with a bottle  and smashed up his mum’s car… after she took away his mobile phone.

The lad’s mum said she took his phone on Friday night after he ‘acted up’ and refused to clean his bedroom.

The nightmare teen then spat on his mum and smacked his stepfather in the back with a large bottle of Gatorade, according to Dayton police.

The 13-year-old then went outside the family’s home in Dayton, Ohio and jumped on his mother’s white 2001 Honda Accord.

He stomped in the roof and smashed out the front windshield, causing extensive damage to the car.

The boy then ran away from home, saying he would not come back.

He returned… we expect rather sheepishly, a few hours later.

The boy’s mother then alerted the police, and the lad was taken to the juvenile justice center.

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