Brexit: Boris Johnson is going to ‘get it done’ – Donald Trump

U.S. President, , on Tuesday, urged British Prime Minister, , to complete the country’s exit from the EU as the two leaders met at the UN General Assembly.

Donald Trump said it took a man like Johnson to exit the British from the EU, adding that it would be a terrible thing to do in any other way.

“I don’t see another vote. I don’t see anything happening. He’s going to get it done,” he said.

The U.S. President, however, declined to comment in detail on a British Supreme Court ruling that Johnson’s request to Queen Elizabeth II to prorogue, or suspend, parliament was unlawful.

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Parliament will reconvene on Wednesday.

“Tomorrow is another day in parliament, Johnson said next to Trump after the U.S. President quipped about the judgement.

“For him, it’s another day in the office, “he said.

Trump noted that ahead of the vote in 2016, he had predicted that Britain would choose to leave the E.U.

The two leaders vowed to work to expand their trading relationship after Brexit.

Meanwhile, Johnson was still hopeful to take Britain out of the bloc by Oct. 31.

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