Hong Kong: Protest organizers reject leader’s dialogue plan

Hong Kong protest organisers have rejected the city leader’s plan to set up a platform for dialogue, calling it a trap that is aimed at wasting time.


Members of the Civil Human Rights Front on Tuesday were responding to Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s announcement that she will immediately set up a “communication platform” to resolve differences to end the protests.

The group’s vice-convenor Wong Yik-mo said Lam is “not responding at all” to the protest movement’s demands, including genuine democracy, her resignation and an independent inquiry into alleged police brutality.

He said, “We do not trust Carrie Lam, we do not trust her lies.”

Jimmy Sham, another member, suggest that if Lam wants dialogue, she should come to a protest.

The Civil Human Rights Front has organised several mass anti-government rallies that have attracted huge crowds in recent months, while many other groups that have joined the leaderless movement have held their own events.

Earlier, Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam said she hoped a peaceful weekend of anti-government protests was the start of an effort to restore peace and that dialogue with peaceful protesters would provide a “way out” for the Chinese-ruled city.

Hundreds of thousands of protesters rallied peacefully in torrential rain on Sunday in the eleventh week of what have been sometimes violent demonstrations.

“I sincerely hope that this was the beginning of society returning to peace and staying away from violence,” Lam said.

“…We will immediately start the work to establish a platform for dialogue. This dialogue, I hope, will be based on a mutual understanding and respect and find a way out for today’s Hong Kong.”

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