Popular Pop singer, Taylor Swift reveals Her Mumother is Battling Cancer

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Taylor Swift and mother (DailyMail)
Taylor Swift and mother (DailyMail)

Taylor Swift has announced that her mother,Audrea Finlay has been diagnosed with cancer.

The pop singer disclosed the family secret in a emotional update on Tumblr on Thursday, April 9.

Tons of fans have continuously posted their well wishes to the 25-year-old Grammy winner ever since.

Taylor Swift reveals on Tumblr her mother has cancer (Splash News)
Taylor Swift reveals on Tumblr her mother has cancer (Splash News)

Fans messages:

@Irrationalize: @taylorswift13 taylor I have been there. My mom is winning her fight with cancer and I know your mom will too. Be strong and we all love you

@JooMiguelMarraz: @taylorswift13 Best wishes for you and your mom ! I hope that Mamma Swift can win this battle. God help you and your family !!

@dallasakasallad: @taylorswift13 I’m sorry to hear this. Luckily, your mom has many supporters. You and your family will be in my prayers. Sending my love.
@saskiasacro: @taylorswift13 I still can’t believe you have to go through this Tay.. praying for you and your family especially your Mom

@xo_clairelouise: @taylorswift13 Sorry to hear about your mom. But what brilliantly selfless advice to other people to be safe. So much respect for you x

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