UK woman died in bike crash moments after taking this smiling selfie

A mum of two died moments after taking this smiling selfie on her way home.


, 41, was home after having a meal at a pub to celebrate her mum’s birthday when she hit a rough patch of road and lost control.

She fractured her skull and died six days later in St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, central , after suffering a cardiac arrest.

Carmen’s heartbroken husband Rufus Greenway, 47, said his wife  who was not wearing a helmet, had a drink before cycling home and may have had one hand on the handlebars when she crashed.

But he said his wife was a “very competent” cyclist, UK Mirror reports.

“She had been taking some selfies on the main road, she did that regularly and was media savvy,” Rufus said.

“She was not taking it at the moment of the . She was 100m from our house, one hand on the bars, quite relaxed, and probably had had a drink. She cycled that way every weekend and perhaps it’s familiarity breeding contempt.”

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