Woman who killed her best friend because of a lover jailed (Photo)

A woman has been jailed for 20 years after she poured cyanide into her coffee in a twisted revenge attack for losing her lover.


Australian sought to kill friend and fellow college student after breaking up with a boyfriend that her pal did not approve of.

The ‘sadistic’ killer has today been caged for 20 years after she was found guilty of the murder which took place in a busy cafe in January in Jakarta, .

According to Daily Mirror, Wongso, 27, an Indonesian citizen and permanent resident of , remained expressionless while hearing the verdict and sentence.

CCTV showed the friends laughing and joking before sitting down at a table together. Tragic Wayan then takes a sip of her coffee – completely unaware it has been laced with cyanide.

She collapsed on the floor and went into convulsions, according to prosecutors. She died by the time she arrived at hospital.

During the trial, prosecutors slammed the Australian – who will not face the death penalty after her home nation’s government made a deal with Indonesia.

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