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See How Nak.ed Yoga Can Give You A Better Se.x Life

"On the basis that facing your fear and trying new things keeps you young, Janey Hedge of High50 takes herself to a south London yoga studio on a Monday morning to try nake.d yoga for the first time. Yoga is about seeing yourself clearly, after all…"

See-Reasons-Why-Nak.ed-Yoga-Can-Lead-To-A-Better-Se.x-Life See How Nak.ed Yoga Can Give You A Better Se.x LifeApproaching the venue in south London, I berated myself. Why on earth had I volunteered to strip off my clothes in front of people I’d never met before? In broad, pitiless daylight?

Granted, I’ve always been up for to taking myself out of my comfort zone, particularly as middle age traditionally has a tendency towards conservatism. I’ve never wanted to be that typical mumsy type who plays things safe as life rushes by. But this was surely a step too far.

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It wasn’t too late to pull out with some feasible-sounding excuse, even at the last minute. I could blame a late-running train, a cold that’d knocked me sideways, even that moody teenager of mine having another of her domestic crises. She surely required my urgent attention at home.

With faltering steps, I persuaded myself to continue, although doubts continued to raise their ugly heads. Why hadn’t I persuaded a girlfriend to come along for moral support?

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