2RARE x Blueface unveil music video for “2HUMPY” track

Date 2023-08-15

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2RARE x Blueface premiere the official music video for their newly released collaborative piece of music tittle “2HUMPY.”

“2HUMPY” brings a fresh and exciting collaboration between rising star 2RARE and the charismatic Blueface. This track marks 2RARE’s 15th single this year, showcasing his rapid ascent in the rap scene. Having already teamed up with notable names like French Montana, NLE Choppa, and Lil Durk, 2RARE’s trajectory is on an impressive rise, and this joint effort with Blueface solidifies his position.

Born Naseem Young, 2RARE is a testament to self-made success. He traded the traditional route of school and football for his passion for rap, dedicating himself to his craft during his teenage years. His breakout track “Big Bag,” independently released in 2019, acted as a launching pad for his career. The hit caught the attention of labels like 10K Projects, Homemade Projects, and Internet Money Records, leading to a joint deal that set his music journey on a promising path.

“2HUMPY” itself is an infectious and laid-back track that pays homage to those embracing their curves. The song’s beat bears hints of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back,” creating an irresistible vibe. The collaboration between 2RARE and Blueface seems to have struck a chord, hinting at possible future joint endeavors that could further elevate their careers.

Fans of 2RARE and Blueface are buzzing with excitement over “2HUMPY.” It’s an engaging blend of styles that showcases their musical chemistry. 2RARE’s journey from an independent release to collaborations with industry heavyweights highlights his talent and determination.

As the music world enjoys the fresh collaboration, it’s worth noting the recent drama surrounding Blueface’s personal life. Fans and followers are intrigued by his love life, adding another layer of intrigue to the artist’s image.

Have you listened to “2HUMPY”? Are you familiar with 2RARE’s music? If so, do you have a favorite track of his? And what’s your take on the recent developments in Blueface’s life? Share your thoughts in the comments below – we’re eager to hear your opinions!

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