ARBY’s & Pusha T – Rib Roast (Lyrics, Video)

Date 2022-10-01

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ARBY’s & Pusha T unveil the music video for the “Rib Roast” track produced by YoungKio.

Pusha T Rib Roast

Pusha T Rib Roast

McDonald’s made an enemy out of Pusha T following the debacle over the company’s jingle. However, he’s coming for their necks with Arby’s behind him. This morning, King Push unleashed his second diss track aimed at the fast food giant on behalf of their competitors, Arby’s. This time, Push is putting the nail in the coffin on the polarizing McRib sandwich.

Pusha T unleashed “Rib Roast” on Tuesday morning, a new diss track intended to elevate the “country-style Arby’s rib sandwich.” The Virginia rapper cleverly breaks down the ingredients and cooking process of Arby’s rib sandwich. Then, he slanders McDonald’s seasonal sandwich as “mystery meat.”

This is the second diss track towards McDonald’s Pusha T released in collaboration with Arby’s. Earlier this year, Push and Arby’s teamed up for the “Spicy Fish Diss Track,” aimed at the Filet-O-Fish sandwich.

Pusha T and McDonald’s history goes back to the early 2000s when the It’s Almost Dry rapper penned the “I’m Loving It” jingle. Push didn’t own any rights to the song, receiving a one-time payment without any royalties.

“I’ve always said that they were handling their business, and that’s the way they did it. And that’s fine,” he told Complex. “It wasn’t the best business for me, but we did business. And now I’m doing this.”

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They call me when it’s time to do damage
When the quality ain’t up to my standards
That McRib falls below average
Replaced by the Country Style Arby’s Rib Sandwich (Woo)
Straight out the smokehouse, Texas’s my old route
Eight hours to slow cook, keep push for the rollout
The boss with the Smoky Q sauce
The Real Country Style McRib kept lost, yeugh
This doesn’t compare to
That replica Rib patty
I’m screaming, “How dare you?”
You know that I’m war ready
Arby’s taking taste to the next level
Arby’s is the choice when you won’t settle
McDonald’s, what you selling, mystery meat?
Hop up and go away, what does history teach?
Mickey D’s, McRib, you ain’t it in the streets
The Real Country Style Rib Sandwich here to compete
Look, straight out the smokehouse
Country Style Arby’s Rib Sandwich, what you know about?
We coming straight out the smokehouse
McRib, you just look like a clown

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