Ari Lennox – Waste My Time (Video)

Date 2023-01-29

Category Music Video

Ari Lennox premieres the music video for the song, “Waste My Time”off the 2022 album – age/sex/location. The piece of music was produced by Tim Suby & LOXE.

Ari Lennox – Waste My Time

Ari Lennox – Waste My Time

As UDiscoverMusic notes, Lennox will be forming her first show at Las Vegas’ House of Blues later tonight (January 26). To celebrate the kickoff of her time on the road, the 31-year-old is treating fans to a special surprise – the music video for “Waste My Time.”

The track quickly emerged as a fan favourite on age/sex/location and has since amassed upwards of three million streams on Spotify alone.

In her visual, Lennox looks as ethereal as ever. She sweetly croons her lyrics out in a golden bikini while sitting on a cloud. Before that, though, the clip begins with her chatting with a counsellor at Cold Outside University.

When the therapist asks the R&B diva why she keeps repeating the same patterns in her relationships, she ponders. While she thinks, the song begins with, “No d*ck makin’ me stupid / No funny Valentine lovin’ from Cupid.”

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