Benny The Butcher – L.A. Leakers Freestyle #137 (Lyrics, Video)

Date 2022-03-12

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Benny The Butcher joins the 137th edition of Power 106 Los Angeles’ L.A. Leakers Freestyle rapping over the late DMX’s song. Watch the video, read the lyrics.

Benny The Butcher L.a. Leakers Freestyle #137

Benny The Butcher L.a. Leakers Freestyle #137

We’re less than 12 hours away from Benny The Butcher’s highly anticipated project, Tana Talk 4. The rapper’s remained one of the fiercest lyricists over the past few years, leveling up with each project, each song, and each freestyle that he delivers. This week, he returned to the LIFTOFF Show for his latest L.A. Leakers freestyle where he took on one of the hardest DMX’s records and added his spin to it.

Westside Gunn previously stated Benny will be giving Def Jam that “’98 feel back,” and that’s clearly a statement that Benny took to heart. During his latest freestyle on the LIFTOFF Show, Benny goes in on “N***az Done Started Something” off of DMX’s It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot. Off the rip, Benny reminds folks of his origin story in Buffalo and how that morphed into the BSF empire that he aspires to build Bill Gates-level wealth with.

“Face of Def Jam, and we plan on changin’ the score/ This time, the street shit gon’ get some label support/ Thankful for the legends who paved the way but ain’t get awards/ ‘Cause every hustler at the table done took some game from New York,” he raps on the record.

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Mr. Pyrex Man
Grams stick to the spoon when I whip, dummy
My shit’ll put a man on the moon like Kid Cudi
I’m content just as long as I’m rich and could spend money
Off this methadone flow, the shit that they give junkies
I’m on the phone with management discussing cannabis deals
Channeling Bill Gates, could y’all niggas handle these mils?
I take it all out the bank, have it somewhere buried in fields
[?] an accountant and a charger payin’ my bills
Facing Def Jam and we plan on changin’ the score
This time around this street shit gon’ get some label support
Thankful for legends who paved the way but ain’t get awards
‘Cause every hustler at the table done took some game from New York
I came for the Forbes, came for the blood, came for the gore
They ask me am I The Butcher? I don’t gotta explain it no more
Y’all makin’ me bored, my patience been wore thin, it’s Benny
Kickin’ new gray Diors right through these Mercedes doors
What’s rap when I did illegal acts on the regular?
Look who’s back even better, joggin’ laps in Margielas
I’m on every music platform, book me back on Coachella
Walk in these shoes, your leg will prolly snap like McGregor’s
Fresh out the penitentiary, took a convict’s advice
Turned a soft brick of white to a long kiss goodnight
A hustler’s God given right, I will accomplish but regardless
Of hype I’m better than niggas that y’all said was nice
Shootin’ game to my homies ’cause you gotta give lessons
That’s good karma, I step back and watch y’all get the blessings
She want a sugar daddy, huh? But that’s out of the question
Favorite line from a broke bitch is, “I’m an investment,”
You see these hoes when they found out Rihanna expecting?
You not worth a B, if you was, bitch? Then I’d get you pregnant
They get a little too comfortable and I get aggressive
You cut one off that’s how send your other side bitch a message
Put my shit out in a week and they gon’ learn every line
With these verses of mine the shit gon’ work every time
One point something out a label and I’m worth every dime
When I drop, shit gettin’ uglier than your first baby mom
Leakers, nigga
Niggas done started something

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