Benny The Butcher – Welcome to the States (Lyrics, Video)

Date 2022-06-07

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Benny The Butcher raps about senseless gun violence in America in His new piece of music, “Welcome to the States”. Watch the music video and read the lyrics.

Benny The Butcher Welcome To The States

Benny The Butcher Welcome To The States

Rather than emulate a toxic relationship, as K-Dot did with his guest, Taylour Paige, Benny rapped about how senseless gun violence in America has made it a less than pleasant place to be, particularly for Black people.

“Benny’s politically charged lyrics aim to raise money for those affected by the tragic mass shooting that took place on May 14th at Tops Supermarket,” the video’s caption reads, already having earned over 1K likes in just an hour.

As TMZ notes, The Butcher and his Black Soprano Family have also connected with Kat and Nolan Cartwright, who helped them design a limited edition t-shirt drop that will see 100% of the proceeds going to the Buffalo Survivors Fund.

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Welcome to the states, where we dyin’ of our skin color and race
Ideologies formed of hate, now the grocery stores ain’t safe
They shoot us unarmed but they took and paintin’ it without a scrape
I guess, great
The life save buttons, never this color face
Discriminate me even rich, but can’t get a loan from a bank
This why everythin’ you see here, I own, I spent the cake
The TRS free but Gunna and Thug’s somewhere behind the gate
The chances we take when the penalisin’ niggas for being great
Why they don’t take us serious with supremacists out shootin’ brothers?
(What it has to do with color? All y’all do is shoot each other)
Well, true, but in the mall, while shoppin’ for shoes, I still do wonder (Damn)
Do this crazy white boy in his trench coat got a Ruger under?
Firearms legal when Republican state’s in, you can’t be mad at it
‘Cause the suits that vote on these laws don’t deal with our challenges
So them laws get passed to protect themselves from savages
White nationalists turn they views and guns on Jews and Africans
Lately, I’ve been traveling abroad as an entertainer
And frankly, it made me look at my country a little bit stranger
Mass shooting in my city, eight minutes from where my block at
Saw innocent people shot at a supermarket I shop at
Y’all using that to antagonize rappers? I never got that
Before them CNN and Fox chats, explain to me where was y’all at?
Guess this gon’ make me a hypocrite, but considering I’m human
And also, I know the difference is from street laws and innocents
They gon’ act like they care and end up just runnin’ they mouth
And don’t no money come out of them fake GoFundMe accounts
It’s time we protect our women, ’cause our mothers don’t feel safe
My sisters leaving work late, and I ain’t supposed to have this Drac?
My man Frost lost his mama, try to put yourself in his place
Hurtin’ for him, how I’m gon’ save my own people without a cape?
So this where we gotta be strong, help each other stayin’ tall
I pass these SKs and saws, I told my dawgs that I be wrong but— (Fuck you, nigga)

Let me say a word about yesterday’s mass shooting in Buffalo, New York. I’ve been receiving updates from my team at the White House that’s in close contact with the Justice Department. We’re still gathering the facts, but already the Justice Department has stated publicly that it is investigating the matter as a hate crime, a racially motivated act of white supremacy and violent extremism
As they do, we must all work together to address the hate that remains a stain on the soul of America. Our hearts are heavy once again, but our resolve must never, ever waver
No one understands this more than the people sitting in front of me, moms, dads, children, family members, about how those folks in Buffalo feel today when they got the call

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