Bizzy Banks – So Into You (Lyrics, Video)

Date 2021-11-09

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Fast-rising musical act, Bizzy Banks drops the video for the song, “So Into You”. Read the lyrics.

Bizzy Banks So Into You

Bizzy Banks So Into You

Hip-hop’s love for Paramore, specifically Hayley Williams, is no secret. Sure, it started with her appearance on B.O.B.’s “Airplanes” but artists like Lil Uzi Vert have embraced her work, as well as Kevin Gates. Machine Gun Kelly’s even covered “Misery Business” during his recent pop-punk phase. No one, however, would’ve expected the pop-punk sounds of Paramore to seep into drill music. A TikTok video produced by Say Terelle turned the band’s single “So Into You” into a drill tune that has gained popularity.

It seems like Bizzy Banks is the first to tackle the record. The drill artist recently shared his new record, “So Into You” which samples the Paramore song of the same name. It’s unexpected hearing Williams’ vocals mesh against sliding 808s but Bizzy Banks made it work.

Bizzy Banks – So Into You

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‘Cause after all this time
I’m still into you

Bitch tried to front cause I got a BM
You ain’t suckin’ dick, get up out my DM
Told Kay to Flock, as soon as we see ’em
Talkin’ on Blaze, you can go and meet him
Lotta niggas died, I don’t mention ’em
Don’t cap, they know I’m bitchin’ ’em
If it ain’t shh don’t pass me that spliff again
All about WAP but I still’a kill a bitch
They just riding a wave, they say that I fell off
Lil’ body, I knock boy head off
She said she leaving, I told her, “I’m well off”
Hop on the front of the bike if the pegs off
I used to wake up and shake up the Mess Hall
But I don’t talk about rainy days
Pop a .325, take the pain away
Watch it kick when I shoot like a fadeaway
How I’m duckin’ when I’m outside everyday?
Just me and Kay
Got my first lil’ pack off of BOA
I took Asian to eat, I was seeing jakes
I’m a hood nigga, bitch I don’t go on dates
I do what I want in these niggas’ face
Tell my brother stay dangerous, never safe
I ain’t rushing this shit cause it ain’t a race, like look
She ask me to be in my videos
But she tellin’ me she not a thot
Ain’t tryna shake ass, she wanna tote the knocks
I take a 10 and start to get hot
No, I don’t diss, I go and spin the block
Don’t tell me you goin’ through something that you not
Gotta watch niggas, all they do is plot
And I can’t trust a bitch, cause they be the drop, like

[Bridge: Bizzy Banks, Girl on the Phone]
I’m into you, hah, look (Glah, glah)
They gotta know I risked, I risked the fazos for y’all-
You gon answer?
I called you for a reason, hold on I’m in a vid

[Verse 2:]
Oh he moving oppy
I know the nigga I shot be watching my videos like ain’t that the nigga that shot me?
One hit in his leg, one hit in his arm, the other shit missed his scolatti
Don’t play ’cause we still on they body
And they know I still be in that lobby
We a smurda a nigga like Bobby
We a smurda a nigga like — (Bobby)
I guess I’m still into this street shit (Facts)
I ain’t got time to go make her no sneak diss
Don’t need that boy on my remix
Can’t get on my songs, you be coming with weak shit
Still in the hood with the demons
And I got a lil bitch that can swallow my semen
Still in the hood with the demons
And I got a lil bitch who can swallow my —
I’m a scorpio she like my vibes
She like when I stroke her, look her in my eyes
Wake up in the morning, hit her from the side
I love when she get on top and try to ride
That lil crush be fuckin’ with his pride
That be the reason niggas wanna slide
That be the reason niggas wanna die
I’m in it like what I time to be alive

I’m into you, ha
Glah glah
Get money


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