Blac Chyna – Said Sum (Remix) [Video]

Date 2021-04-13

Category Music Video

American model, Blac Chyna unveils her own version of the trending ‘Said Sum’ song. Watch the official video of Her remix of the song.

Blac Chyna Said Sum (remix)

Blac Chyna Said Sum (remix)

This week, Blac Chyna felt like flexing her skills in the studio to the record, filming a low-budget video for her new remix of “Said Sum”. The remix is officially out now and, already, it’s been getting some pretty mixed reviews. While Chyna’s core fanbase is glad to see her diving head-first into her passion, rap fans aren’t in love with her flows, commenting that she’s improved as an artist but that she still sounds disinterested at times.

Quotable Lyrics:

B*tches be hatin’, I get to the bag and I flash it
I need a milli to show up, and a penny less, you get no action
I’m here for a while, yeah, my bag never ends, it’s everlasting
I’m in love with the money, it stay on my mind, I’m obsessed, get it with passion

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