Cheque drops music video for Fireboy DML-tagged “Hustler” track

Date 2023-09-01

Category Music Video

Cheque premieres the Director Pink-directed music video for the song, “Hustler” featuring Fireboy DML. The piece of music was produced by Basiqually.

Cheque Hustler Music Video

Cheque, the talented rapper from Penthauze Records, has just unveiled the official music video for his hit track, “Hustler,” featuring the incredible Fireboy DML. This song is a standout from his latest album, “Chequemate,” and it was brought to life by the creative production of Basiqually. The visually stunning video was skillfully directed by Director Pink.

In the “Hustler” video, Cheque and Fireboy DML bring their lyrics to life, immersing viewers in a world of ambition and determination. The collaboration between these two musical powerhouses is a treat for fans, as they effortlessly blend their talents to create an unforgettable experience.

This release is yet another example of Cheque’s rising star power in the music industry. With “Hustler” and the entire “Chequemate” album, he continues to carve out his own unique path and solidify his place among the top artists in the game.

The video adds a new dimension to the song, allowing fans to appreciate the storytelling and emotions on a visual level. It’s a testament to the importance of visual storytelling in the music world, and Director Pink has done an exceptional job bringing Cheque and Fireboy DML’s vision to life.

As you watch the “Hustler” music video, be prepared to be captivated by the narrative, the artistry, and the undeniable chemistry between Cheque and Fireboy DML. It’s a reflection of their dedication to their craft and their commitment to delivering exceptional music and visuals to their fans.

Don’t miss out on this remarkable musical journey. Watch the “Hustler” music video and dive into the world of Cheque and Fireboy DML as they take you on a ride through the ambitions and dreams of a hustler.

Cheque tags Fireboy DML on “Hustler” track off Chequemate EP (+Lyrics)

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