Conway The Machine & Funk Flex – RIP Steve Smith (Lyrics, Video)

Date 2022-07-29

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Conway The Machine joins Funk Flex for the “RIP Steve Smith” freestyle produced by Funkmaster Flex. Watch the video and read the lyrics,

Conway The Machine & Funk Flex Rip Steve Smith

Conway The Machine & Funk Flex Rip Steve Smith

Things got heated last week between Conway and Funk Flex after the Griselda rapper claimed that New York radio needed new DJs. Though he called out a slew of DJs in the Big Apple, it was Funk Flex that fired back with a slew of posts targetting Conway. Eventually, Funk Flex invited Conway to debut a new freestyle on his show, and that’s exactly what happened on Thursday night.

Conway and Funk Flex teamed up for “RIP Steve Smith” this week which finds the Buffalo MC taking on Biz Markie’s “Nobody Beats the Biz.” The song is in dedication to Steve Smith who Flex credits for establishing hip-hop programming as we know it today.

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[Intro: Funk Flex]
Funk Flex, Machine

[Verse: Conway the Machine]
I’ve been running shit so long, niggas hoping I finish soon
Preying on my downfall, hoping to see a nigga lose
Fuck the ops, opposition miniscule
Run up in that spot, police finding shell cases in that living room
Thought it was over but I came back with bigger jewels
Sold out arenas like a nigga play for Liverpool
Ten bad bitches in my swimming pool
Funny ’cause niggas said I remind em of B.I.G. now me and Diddy cool
I’m rich now but I’m still a goon
Free them niggas shitting big balloons soon as they leave the visit room
I pack stadiums, you niggas couldn’t fill a room
I was just shooting for the stars but I hit the moon
Now niggas thinking that I signed for millions
I mean I did, but still mind your business
Niggas counting my paper, that I find offensive
I get to letting off this draco, niggas climbing fences
The CEO of the grimey business
Designer drippage, mine’s is vintage
Mine’s expensive, diamond pendants shine and glisten
Nines with switches, die you bitches, Machine
Yeah, you listening to one hell of a guy talking
Play with me again, I’ll put nails in that guy coffin
Smack a nigga so hard, have his eyes crossing
Play around with street niggas until we sidewalk em
I ain’t really one for the sidetalking
My gun blow, you already snow like my guy doctors
In the spot, Mary J couldn’t keep her eyes off him
Looking at my jewels, prolly wonder why what mine’s costing
Goodnight to these bums, I knock em off they high horses
Machine back cyborg’in
Tell me I’m lying when I just wanna Bill Russell and to Larry O’Brien
They talked on they platforms, now they eerily quiet
Got some niggas in your city now preparing to riot
I push the button and somebody over there’ll be dying
I’m from where when you leave your house you carry your iron
You can hear the bullets whiz past your ear when they flying
Look, I’m one of the illest new niggas they coming across
All the other ill niggas is everyone in my squad
Niggas on Instagram talking like one of them broads
Fuck around and put you in the trunk of one of your cars
Nigga, y’all better go and do your homework or something
‘Cause niggas said he don’t fuck with us then you know he was lying
Listen to the shit you niggas jacking now, don’t be excited
Put your opinions in my comments, I don’t be replying
Yeah, put Buffalo on the bill but in New York I’m known as a giant
Rest in peace Kayslay, let’s have a moment of silence
Machine, bitch

[Outro: Conway the Machine]
You know what it is
God Don’t Make Mistakes out now
Chanel Pearls out now, we only do it on the way
Hehehe, yeah
Summer on lock
Trust me

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