Cordae – LA Leakers Freestyle #126 (Lyrics, Video)

Date 2022-01-14

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On the 126th version of Power 106 Los Angeles’ L.A. Leakers Freestyle, Cordae reappears, rapping over Kodak Black’s “Super Gremlin”, Biggie’s “Kick In The Door” instrumentals. Watch the video, read the lyrics.

Cordae La Leakers Freestyle #126

Cordae La Leakers Freestyle #126

Cordae is preparing the release of his sophomore album, Birds’ Eye View which finally drops on Friday. Fans have been eager to hear what he’s been cookin’ up and by the looks of the tracklist, it seems like there’s little room for disappointment. So, before the album dropped, he slid through to the LA Leakers studio where he laid down freestyle #126.

We’ve seen how Cordae gets down but his latest freestyle is special and proves just how versatile he is. Cordae kicks off with bars over Biggie’s “Kick In The Door” where he declared that “there needs to be a 2-month interval before the next n***a come up here.” The iconic production opens the doors for Cordae to properly pop his sh*t on wax with vows to slaughter your favourite rapper on the mic while referencing his Louisville arrest during the Breonna Taylor protests.

The 8-minute long freestyle leads into a freestyle over Jadakiss’ “Put Ya Hands Up” as well as Kodak Black’s “Super Gremlin.”

Cordae – LA Leakers Freestyle #126


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[Verse 1]
I made my first million by age twenty with slave money
When I signed my first deal I was hungry and played dummy
‘Till I started Hi-Level and signed fly rebels who buy bezels
The truth is they want you to die ghetto, but fuck it, prevail
Never tuck in your tail, remember last summer, them crackers had me stuck in a jail
Up in Louisville, nigga, but I’m stuntin’ for real
I got out and took the jet for the XXL
Boy stop it, the young prophet who drops knowledge
Who copped a Maybach with the hydraulics, I’m psychotic
I’m diabolic, try a psychedelic
I never try to relish in the sweet moments like a diabetic
Hurry up, nigga, fly a medic, ’cause I’m too sick, I’m too rich
New car, new crib, new money, new bitch, all my niggas’ ruthless
All my stocks’ blue chips, we Uber Eats Ruth’s Chris
New phone, who’s this? Never call again
Your favorite rapper, I will slaughter him, I’m talking ’bout all of them
None is excluded, you’re son of a Judas
Not one to confuse with, plus I’m making wonderful music
Don’t ever compare me as barely any nigga that’s near me
Woke up thinking ’bout my grandma, I’m missing her dearly
But fuck it, my feelings, I tuck it ’cause it’s money I must get
Mama told me “Get the dolla” and with no interruption
Never discussion, clear mind are better the judgement
Forever I’m thuggin’, I promise you the pressure is nothin’
It made me a savage, young nigga chasin’ the cabbage
Promise that I’m never lackin’ ’til I’m stadium status
I don’t even want the fans, I want the crazy fanatics
I know my music may be sporadic and may be a classic that’s comin’
I’m gunnin’ for anybody ever who want it or front it
But I still gotta wish you wealth in abundance
I woke up with this feeling that I felt in my stomach
It’s time to fucking kill these niggas, man, my album is coming Motherfucker

[Verse 2]
Ayo, I came in the game and didn’t take an advance
Nah, I lied, I took a couple M’s and acres of land
Watch them same niggas shaking your hand’ll end up snaking your mans
Shit, I wonder how this fake shit began
Made somethin’ out of nothin’, I’m creatin’ a trance
Never let good pussy in the way of your plans
I’m at Puff house, he got a couple racin’ the Lamb’
I just told the nigga bring back, makin’ a band
Stop playin’ with me, the young God emcee
Rich nigga problems, why I dropped “RNP”
My cars ain’t leased, them ‘Rari keys I took back
‘Cause that shit was slowly becoming a part of me
I keep it real, bring it back to the roots
You niggas actin’ the fool
All white is the Range, matte-black is the Coupe
Fuck the fame, dawg, we after the loot
And I was born with all that shit that y’all lack in the booth
You got no confidence, I rose to prominence
Straight dominance, I ain’t with that fake kickin’ shit, let’s keep it ominous
That dark energy bring back the park memories
I already defeated pain and fought misery
Embarked victory, my nigga, my car’s literally
A spaceship that takes off to Mars quickly
Expeditiously, done killed the game
Put your fuckin’ hands up if you feel the same
Like Jada and Styles P, I got the key to the locks/LOX
Still thinkin’ ’bout that cash, knee-deep in the box
We gettin’ real money, nigga, ain’t no reason to stop
Got them crackers in first class fuckin’ peepin’ my watch
Askin questions, uh, I done clashed with legends
Whether past or present, I’m that nigga forever
Difference is my lyrics is dope, spirit is better
My figures in cheddar, I get it from ambitious endeavours
My bitch a Coretta, my niggas is wait–
Oh, I get it, uh, you niggas must have forgot
I’m like a young fuckin’ Malcolm with a touch of Barack
Got this ball player, main bitch, suckin’ my cock
But that was years ago, I got the weirdest flow
Been doin’ this shit since cartoons and cereal
I’m not new to this, I’m true to this, shoutout to Ludacris
My first words “Move bitch”, when I came out the uterus
It’s not really how you get the money, it’s how you use the shit
Seen a couple niggas create careers just to ruin it
Couple years from now y’all all see what my influence is
But the album’s from a birds-eye view, bitch

[Verse 3]
Uh, okay, first of all, I ain’t goin’ pretend like I’m the perfect nigga
I was fourteen mixin’ xannies with the percies, nigga
I was feindin’, homie, so I’m grateful, that shit hurt me, nigga
Now I’m comin’ back to take the game, with a purpose, nigga
I can feel you niggas panickin’, heart cold like a mannequin
Got the game in a chokehold like I’m Anakin
Darth Vader, heart breaker, real nigga, they faker, word to Belichick, I’m a playmaker
I’m a money gettin’ ass lil’ nigga, if you disagree then they hate us
It’s like how do I come from the trenches
To wearin’ Givenchy? I promise my nigga, it’s nothin’
Havin’ the people resent me to countin’ blue Benji’s
Shut up, it’s the end of discussion
I was just talkin’ to Kodak, he told me I’m goated, my nigga, I can’t tell a lie
My life’s a Kodak moment, fuck up my opponent, I promise it’s all televised
Same nigga from the fridays, same nigga from the hood, beat all the odds
Remember the first time I first met Hova and Nas, told ’em both, “Peace to the Gods,”
I’m not from this Earth, I’m berserk, my mom, she ain’t give birth
My bitch fall in love whenever I fuck ’cause I got length and girth
I just popped a perc on a Sunday while I chill in church
Lord, please forgive me, I ain’t perfect, but I’m worth the work
I just made a million off Hi-Level, y’all should buy a shirt
I just bought a crib in India, and I ain’t talkin’ dirt
I can’t go out like a fuckin’ sucker, I’d rather die in the dirt
I can’t lie on a verse, generational curse I’m tryin’ to reverse
I’m still in the trenches, on my phone and I’m dealin’ with business
I’m just gon’ keep it real with my niggas
I got drip on me, I’m drenchin’
I’m still aimin’ for the top position, gave grandma talks in mama kitchen
Some idols look at me as competition
I ain’t even trippin’, all love to you
Five years I’ma be above to you, y’all niggas bitches like Madea
Even next to my little brother Amir
Grandma house, used to sell drugs there
But it’s like, uh, okay you could’ve been a superstar
Back in the day,uh, used to hotbox in my mama car
Ayy, alright, now it ain’t safe for you, ayy
Okay, ’cause you ain’t want work for that shit
Goddamn, my nigga, you trippin’
Could’ve been a superstar
Moved them out to LA, but he was out here poppin’ bars
Hold up, okay, he ain’t want work for shit, ayy
I can’t feed no grown ass niggas

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