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Mpmania Mix 39

Mpmania Mix 39

Dave East – The People (eastmix) (Video)

Watch the music video for the new eastmix by Dave East titled “The People”.

Dave East The People (eastmix)

Dave East The People (eastmix)

Dave East came into the game as Nas’s prodigy, who provided a healthy dose of New York lyricism during the rise of Soundcloud rap. The EastMix series put him on the map. Dave would test his lyrical aptitude over popular beats and this helped him develop a strong fanbase.

Though he’s far more established in hip-hop these days, Dave East is still giving fans what they want. His latest instalment in the EastMix series sees the Harlem rapper taking on Common’s classic record, “The People.” East brings vivid details of his come-up in Harlem and the ruthlessness of the environment that he came up in. Still, he offers glimpses into how far he’s progressed in his life since then.

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Quotable Lyrics
Ain’t nothin’ but champagne comin’ out when I’m pissin’
She don’t want no scrub, baby, I don’t want no pigeon
N***as do subliminals, I don’t be hearin’ disses
Couldn’t go to London for priors, I felt like Richard

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