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Date 2016-03-21

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Eddinz Bani is a Nigerian Afro pop singer. His debut single into the Nigerian music scene was ‘Keep It As One’ released  in 2014, Other songs such as Home Alone ft Oritse Femi and Jamboree followed suit. These songs further establish Eddinz Bani readiness to take its place in the ever-growing Nigerian music industry. From his body of works so far the singer has been able to show himself off as someone with flair for great sounds and taste for good contents.

With an evolving unique style and swelling lyrical artistry, it is crystal clear that the singer has managed to form his own unparalleled “naija urban” style of afro pop. Here are a select few of his works so far.

Eddinz Bani – Jamboree (2015)


Eddinz Bani returns with another lovely tune titled “Jamboree”, a song with welcoming lines and lyrics in Benin, pidgin, English and Yoruba languages, laced on a provoking instrumental.

Song is produced by KayPiano , mixed and mastered by LuLuv.
The Green Spade Records artiste in his words said:

“Jamboree is a celebration of resilience, fortitude and courage. Its a song that cuts through my personal experience as an African young black male longing to live out my African Dream”

Eddinz Bani ft Oritse Femi – Home Alone (Remix) (2015)


Eddinz Bani teamed up with Oritse Femi, the Musical Taliban to deliver on this dope collaboration tune ‘Home Alone (remix) ‘.Both dudes put up amazing tight efforts which give that phenomenon blend that utterly cracked up the song. Industry taste makers have described this as awesome and masterful. Together they killed it!!!

Eddinz Bani has been coming all strong since the release of his debut single ‘Keep It As One’ in 2014.

Home Alone remix was produced by Ebenjazz Beat, mixed by Tee Piano

Eddinz Bani – Keep It As One (2014)


His debut single “Keep It As One” challenges and inspires people world over to use that which is within their reach to strengthen bond beyond race and across differences of culture. It summarily emphasizes that love is what is needed to pave the way for unity and togetherness. The song is produced by Timi blaze, mixed by Eben Jazz.

Fans are to expect more materials that are typically angled toward topical issues—sometimes reality, sometimes situational, sensitive, inspiring, romantic, confessional and gyrating. Listen up!


Release Date
Kangaroo Dance
Not yet (Mid-March 2016)
7 April 2015
22 Dec. 2015
21 July 2014

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