Emaxee – It’s Not My Fault (Me vs The Educational System) (Video)

Date 2020-12-15

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It S Not My Fault Artwork

Emaxee – It’s Not My Fault (Me vs The Educational System)

A Frustrated Nigerian Student Expresses His Displease Over The School System.
In recent times, education and schooling have been a big and all-around discourse; stemming from the government’s inability to get lecturers back to class, the negligence towards education and most importantly, the archaic and talent-butchering schooling system. All of these and more have been shown by statistics and media outlets that have had a huge effect on the students and youth the most.
Oke Emmanuel, a fast-rising songwriter, and performing artist, in his just dropped single vented his frustration and displeasure over the appalling and dysfunctional educational system. He titled this newly released single: It’s Not My Fault (Me vs Educational System). A grime genre of rap in which the tone and mood of the song showed his emotions and disappointment over what we call education – a cram-to-pass system – where only
good memorisation skills are needed and not intelligence.

In this song, Emaxee, as he’s fondly called, did a great job of alighting the problems of our educational system ranging from the fact that the system encourages competition to teamwork, obsesses itself with grades rather than being knowledge-driven, more theories to practice. The system finds ways to screw students at every turn and have no or little care for the abilities of these individual students. He didn’t give it a stop at that, he
made references to how companies look inward to core competencies and intangible skills than judge ordinarily by grades which the school holds greatly.

He gave a teacher-side stating teachers are just employees of this abhorrent system; they just want to earn a decent living – they don’t want to teach – never been a passion for many of them. Teachers, just like every other, follow the order of their employer. They are meant to make students employees and not creators of employment. How do you teach to create and when you can’t create yourself? This system just promotes remembering and not thinking; for when you turn employees, you shouldn’t think but remember orders. Conclusively, Emaxee vented his frustrations, anger and displeasure over the educational system which does not respect individualism. A system that facilitates cheating and malpractices. A system that ignores individual strength and talent – individual differences. A system that makes competition unhealthy and teamwork are unacceptable. A system that enhances sex for grades and irresponsibility amidst teaching class. A failed system making students feel like failures. A dysfunctional system: The Educational System.



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