Flo Milli drops music video for “Hot Box”

Date 2023-08-20

Category Music Video

American rapper, Flo Milli premieres the music video for the new “Hot Box” track.

Southern sensation Flo Milli is making waves this summer as she pays tribute to some of the biggest names in hip-hop, celebrating the genre’s 50th anniversary. With her unique flair and style, she’s been putting her own twist on iconic tracks, and this New Music Friday (August 18), she’s back with another homage, this time to Kelis. In her latest track titled “Hot Box,” Flo Milli raps over Kelis’ famous “Milkshake” beat, creating a fun and flirty new take on the classic hit.

In the accompanying music video, the 23-year-old artist can be seen working at her milkshake truck alongside friends who are dressed more appropriately for the job. As she rhymes over the infectious beat, she confidently delivers lines that show she’s not one to shy away from asserting herself. With lyrics like “He brought his b**ch to see me at Coachella / Stalking online, but in person, it’s wetter,” Flo Milli exudes confidence and independence.

This homage to Kelis follows Flo Milli’s previous reimaginings of songs by hip-hop legends Lil Wayne and Too Short. Her ability to infuse her own personality and style into these tracks while paying homage to the original artists is a testament to her artistic versatility.

Flo Milli has been steadily building her discography, and her upcoming LP, “Fine Ho, Stay,” is highly anticipated. Following the success of her previous albums, “Ho, Why Is You Here?” and “You Still Here, Ho?,” Flo Milli continues to showcase her prowess in the world of hip-hop with her clever lyrics, unique beats, and unapologetic attitude.

As Flo Milli’s summer of hip-hop homage continues, fans can expect more exciting music and creativity from this rising star. With her ability to put her own spin on classics and create tracks that resonate with a wide audience, she’s undoubtedly solidifying her place as a standout artist in the industry.

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