Freddie Gibbs – L.A. Leakers #151 (Lyrics, Video)

Date 2022-10-23

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American rapper, Freddie Gibbs raps hard over the instrumentals for Jay Z’s “This Can’t Be Life” for the 131st version of Power 106 Los Angeles’ L.A. Leakers Freestyle. Watch the video and read the lyrics.

Freddie Gibbs L.a. Leakers

Freddie Gibbs L.a. Leakers

The Big Boss Rabbit has been basking in the praise and buzz surrounding his latest album, $oul $old $eparately. He’s made a few radio appearances as part of his victory, and his latest freestyle on L.A. Leakers may be one of his best as of late. Apart from the excellent flows, chest-puffed delivery, and cheeky one-liners that we’ve come to expect from Gibbs, he even drops in some jabs at DJ Akademiks for his recent “I’m the prize!” outburst when breaking up a fight between his girl and another woman.

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[Intro: Freddie Gibbs, Justin Credible & DJ Sourmilk]
$oul $old $eparately
Let’s go, we gotta get to the bars
We gon’ get to it all that quick? Aight come on
You know what they came to see baby
I’m the prize, nigga, uh
Akademiks, I’m the prize, nigga, uh
Bitch, I’m the prize, ey
Akademiks you’re abusive, stop takin’ them purses all and that shit from the girls, man
Here we go
It’s LA Leakers man, come to the West Coast, man (Yeah)
We buy you a purse if you want a purse bitch, I got you
Yo, yo

Sometimes I’m Super Cane, sometimes I’m plain old Fred
Cryin’ inside myself, just braggin’, bullets grazin’ my hair
Summer 2000, me and Shaun we had a fight every week
I oughta thank ’em, all them shootouts, they turned me to a G
Them niggas even tried to smoke me at my high school graduation
Told my lady, she was crazy, broke my heart, she had your baby
I’m like, uh, I was barely fuckin’ then
He rollin’ Lexus, I was hoppin’ on bicycles to bucket stand
I was hella broke on me chickens and chicken nugget stand (Mhm)
Scared to touch the work, all these niggas worked for the government
Homie took a trip, fans see no whip on a sprint flim
Camera phones was new to us then, niggas got hood wig
Bamboos all blacklisted, Bomb bought it
Tryna do homework in the house with no Lysine might make you dark Carter
Every time I let off a shot, I wondered was God watchin’?
Every time them bullets came back, I wondered did God stop ’em?
Shitbag, shit boy, takin’ hits since seventeen
For mommas the hitman, I was the hitboy
Shout out to HitBoy (Mhm), we was supposed to drop
Your homie said I begged ’em to do records, but his record flopped
Let me stop, them bullets droppin’ just might get me not
Rappers gettin’ hit with the RICO, they better sit back and watch
Niggas in your own city kill you, I can’t stay off the block
Fiends smokin’ meth, it’s a shortage of coke, they off the rock
Told the DEA I ain’t workin’ no more, I’m off the clock
Matter of fact, I never sold dope before, what you talkin’ ’bout?
Feelin’ like they box me out, can’t even spend this cash
Drugs for the free, all I sold these niggas was plastic bags
That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it
Nine millimeter shells, they go to his body, them bullets stickin’ to ’em
Niggas might just call you the realest nigga for livin’ through it
Pulse droppin’ and like a new album, they tryna listen to it (Mhm)
Niggas might just call you the realest if you a dead rapper
Tweet about your ass for a week, it’s onto the next rapper
Next chapter, I wrote the book on Niggalations
I see these niggas’ frustrations, top five of my generation
So they try to crucify me, they can’t kill me, they can’t slump me
Bald-head Jesus, I’m Big Rabbit, I come back like Easter Sunday
They try to crucify me, they can’t kill me, they can’t slump me
Bald-head Jesus, I’m Big Rabbit, I come back like Easter Sunday
Against the Cane, nigga, uh, uh
Fuck with the name, nigga

[Outro: Freddie Gibbs, Justin Credible & DJ Sourmilk]
Can’t get ’em
Akademiks don’t play no games nigga
Gon’ put some in your booty
Yeah, bitch nigga, ey, yo
Ey, I’m drunk as hell and I don’t give a fuck
Freddie Gibbs came through, go crazy man
I’ll do the best when I come up here, I’m the reason niggas wanna come up here
Talk your shit man, come on
I’m the reason niggas wanna rap, talk to ’em, let ’em know
What the fuck, ey, I did
Thank you for always comin’ to the show man
Hey man, I can spare a little couple bars up here for y’all niggas at all time
I gotta teach the world how to rap all time
I ain’t bringin’ my son ’cause he chillin’ but you know what I’m sayin’
He know how to rap when he get my age, gonna be rappin’ like me
That’s right, we need ’em up here, that’s right
His first freestyle’s gonna be with the LA Leakers man
Yeah, yeah, yeah, we can’t do that, it’s copyright
Believe it
And fuck Aaron Rodgers
Oh, wow, okay, okay
It’s from a Bears fan, wow
Liftoff show baby, Liftoff, Power 106, LA
Ey, ey, ey, $oul $old $eparately nigga
Out now, out right now
You better go get it, run streamin’ nigga
Ain’t no nigga got a better rap out and bet I more rap ’em out in the country, baby let’s do it

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