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G Herbo – “Street Shit Freestyle” [Lyrics, Video]

G Herbo raps, “Street Shit” in new Freestyle visuals. Read the lyrics and watch the video for the track.

G Herbo Street Shit Freestyle

G Herbo Street Shit Freestyle

When G Herbo steps to the mic, you already know what’s coming — unflinching reflections and hard-hitting street bars. It’s part of what makes him such an electrifying presence on the Chicago scene and beyond. Now, Herbo has come through to keep his blade sharp on “Street Shit,” a From The Block performance that finds him letting fly a freestyle over an aggressive instrumental.

“Lost lil bro ain’t been myself, grab that 40 off the shelf,” he raps, his cadence gravelly. “Ain’t had therapy to help, been off liquor for my health / play the cards that I been dealt.” While it’s lacking the typical song structure, fans will appreciate the extended barrage of bars Herbo delivers here, a promising sign for his future music to come.

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[Verse: G Herbo]
I’m really a boss, but I can’t take a loss
I gotta’ estimate the price, I don’t know what it cost
Soon as I get it in, I could get ’em off
But why speak about the trap if I could get a loft
Niggas swearin’ like they hard, I could get ’em soft
Whips bought, lawyer bought, glizzy talks, wit’ ’em, tote
Fightin’ cases, pistol on my side, I can’t even talk
Got this 30 in my 30’s, I can’t even walk
Amiri’s tight, made a hunnid’ in a night, you right
Value life, you gon’ lose that shit the night you fight
I be muggin’ in the club, I ain’t the “like you” type
You get stretched, you play them next ’cause wе don’t like your type
Fuck niggas, we don’t know thosе
Run ’em down, hop out fo’ doors
Feds watchin’, takin’ photos
Move sloppy, that’s my bro though
Ain’t the brightest, he gon’ go though
[?], get excited
When we sight ’em, Glock kit, it got a sight, we catch ’em, light ’em
Lost lil’ bruh, I ain’t been myself
Grab ‘dat 40 off the shelf
Ain’t had therapy, need help
Been off liquor for my health
Playin’ the cards that I been dealt
Bitch, you can’t get right, we left
Six shots on me, fuck 47, if we can’t stretch ’em, get 11
Fightin’ cases, I’m like “fuck 12,” I’ll go to hell
Turn witness, I’m like “fuck 12,” I’ll go to jail
They can’t pick me up, so I’m like “fuck it,” I’ll go with Rell
Max ain’t get a low, we movin’ slow, so I’ll go a snail
Ain’t no evidence, like what the hell, (rrrrahh), I’ll give ’em shells
Lil’ bro fifteen, so he ain’t trippin’, he gon’ get a bail
Havin’ too much paper, I’m like, “fuck it, I’ll pay ’em all,”
Lost my brodies, so I’m like fuck it, we gon’ slay ’em all
Think I paid for hits, I ain’t spent nothing, that’s my way to ball
Way too many killas, I been husslin’, can’t okay ’em all
Ran through like 400k this year, like 800k a year
Spent 200k in tears, really fuckin’ up my real peers
Spend a mill’ here
Spend a mill’ there
Need a wheelchair
I be playin’ broke
200k in dope
300k in coke
Get in the way, it’s smoke
Got niggas claimin’ Blood
Got niggas claimin’ ‘Loc
Got [?], they my ‘cuz
Got niggas claimin’ Folks
Say it’s 2021
The GD’s in the door
But really in my hood
The GD’s been some hoes
‘Cause I’m from over east
Got love for some fo’s
Might get a hoe [?]
Got love for some hoes
Still love for my street
Got love for some hoes
Some hoes love the street code, you can get exposed
I still live by the G code, might see a nigga, blow
But God fuck wit’ a nigga head, so I’ll leave a nigga dead
Young nigga got some knowledge, you might think a nigga scared
When you lookin’ in my eyes, you might think I’m seein’ red
Goin’ brazy, nigga crazy, you might think I’m takin’ meds
7.62’s everywhere I go, might think I’m takin’ lead
Yeah, the opp really drunk, make him take it to the head
Like I’m lyrical, I’m spiritual, might take it to the dead

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