GloRilla Drops Visuals for GloMix of Latto’s “Put It On Da Floor”

Date 2023-06-26

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GloRilla releases the music video, performing Latto’s “Put It On Da Floor” song in Her new GloMix. Read the lyrics to the track produced by Go Grizzly, Squat Beats & Ben Hogarth.

GloRilla has finally unveiled her highly-requested remix of Latto’s track, “Put It On Da Floor.” She teased the remix earlier this week, sharing a screenshot of the remix on her Instagram Story. She also previously expressed her admiration for the song, Tweeting that it has “a condo in [her] head.” She’s not the first artist to want to put her spin on the song, as Cardi B recently hopped on a remix called “Put It On Da Floor Again.” City Girls’ Yung Miami also just teased a remix, sharing a snippet with her Instagram followers earlier this week.

GloRilla showed her support for the remix featuring Cardi B upon it’s release, writing, “If Cardi don’t do s**t else, she gone slide on a mf beat. Go cousin.” She later hinted that she may want to have a go, revealing that her fans have been requesting it. “I ain’t did a remix since I blew up,” GloRilla wrote, “But da streets keep telling me to remix ‘Put It On Da Floor,’ and I think I’m finna listen. Dat mf too hard.” Cardi B replied to that Tweet, telling her to “Do it!!!!!!” GloRilla told Cardi to “Say less, cousin.”

Fans have finally been graced with the eagerly-awaited “GloMix.” GloRilla’s take on the song features creative bars highlighted by her signature, bold flow. The 23-year-old rolls in cash, and flexes with cars and jewelry in the fun accompanying music video.

GloRilla was recently announced to be part of XXL’s Freshman class of 2023. She’s joined by other artists like Lola Brooke, Finesse2tymes, Fridayy, Luh Tyler, and more. She’ll be highlighted in XXL’s Freshman issue in July. The young rapper is also nominated for six BET Awards this year, coming in second for the most nominations behind Drake. Her debut EP Anyways,

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GloRilla, hu!
Gang gang
Got six rings across my fingers like I’m Tom Brady
Hu! Hey!

[Verse 1]
Put me on the bib, I’m bout’ to eat these bitches up
Tell them hoes go do what we did, since these bitches think they us
I get your ass a chance, but I ain’t giving out no fucks
And you should go check on your friend, I took her man she need a hug
Yeah, and this coupe so tinted, I can’t even see the road
Right now I’m having so much motion, i can’t even see my hoes
Lying niggas bring you down, real niggas help you grow
And I be walking on these beats like I don’t even need a flow, bitch
That’s how we pop out
In the club with bands and drums, try some we gon’ rock out
You bitches, time is up I run this shit y’all gotta clock out
Them hoes done got too quiet, I’m bout’ to give them some to talk bout’
Watch this (Woo), I’m shining on them people (Ice)
I’m top three, take away two, and tell me what they equal (One)
I know a lotta’ hoes don’t like me, I don’t like them either (Fuck)
But they respect me when they see me, I feel like a reaper (R.I.P.)
I’m constantly birthing bitches, but I ain’t keep no baby (Huh, huh)
Got six rings across my fingers, I feel like Tom Brady
I really am the girl (I’m her), and shit about me [?] (Bitch)
And your BM know wassup that how, I’m really crazy (She lame as hell)
Pop shit, didn’t even mean to bust they buble
Got three twenty pointers around my neck, this shit a triple double
They hating, shit ain’t working, might as well go and find another hustle
I like my niggas older [?] they old enough to be my uncle (Shot out [?])

You know [?]
It’s like they know what they doing or sum’
I don’t really be fucking with them young niggas like that
Like them niggas act like some hoes like they bleed or sum’

[Verse 2]
Get a boy a tampon since he acting like a bitch
And that’s that nigga buss a money since he [?] like he rich
Rich niggas make it happen, cheap niggas make you wish
All these niggas is some hoes, nun’ theses niggas is some shit
(Still gettin’ that bread, just in case they wonderin’)
Quick to send a hoe about her [?], if she come for me (Bitch get out)
Hes cutoff game be weak as hell, when it come to me
And [?] they believe him, talking about [?] (Stupid!)
[?] cause he be in my butt
I don’t post nun of my niggas, but they be in the cut (They right here)
They [?] to something put it on the floor then
Wanna see this shit in action, book me for a show then

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