Jack Harlow Premieres Music Video For “Gang Gang Gang”

Date 2023-06-20

Category Music Video

American rapper and actor, Jack Harlow premieres the official music video for the “Gang Gang Gang” track produced by Rashad Thomas.

One of the standout moments on Jack Harlow’s latest album Jackman is the track “Gang Gang Gang,” which just received a somber music video. In it, the Louisville MC addresses the situation that arises when longtime friends are found guilty or accused of horrible crimes, with the lyrics specifically focusing on sexual assault and child molestation. While many have debated whether his approach and analysis truly delves deep into that topic and does it justice, it’s still an emotive and important moment of conversation and reflection on the project. In its visual accompaniment, the cinematography and sequencing paints the narrative in a more vivid way.

The first two verses’ visuals are bookended with black-and-white clips of Jack Harlow and his friends hanging out together for the chorus. “Ride for my dawgs, lie for my dawgs, die for my dawgs,” he melodically raps. The video’s sections for the verses themselves depict the situations they narrate: Jack speaking to someone who tells him of their longtime friend’s crimes. It switches between the artist’s disbelief, speaking his raps word-for-word as in conversation, and flashback clips to their younger days.

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