Paper Route EMPIRE & Jay Fizzle – LLD (Long Live Dolph) (ft. Ricco Barrino) (Lyrics, Video)

Date 2022-03-07

Category Lyrics, Music Video

Paper Route EMPIRE & Jay Fizzle unveil the music video for the song, “LLD (Long Live Dolph)” featuring Ricco Barrino. Read the lyrics to the track.

Paper Route Empire & Jay Fizzle Lld

Paper Route Empire & Jay Fizzle Lld

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Paper Route EMPIRE & Jay Fizzle – LLD (Long Live Dolph) (Audio)

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[Verse 1: Jay Fizzle]
First, I’ll never be a big homie like you, I stamped it
And ain’t a rapper in my city did what you did for the projects
King of Memphis, legendary, that boy a GOAT
Sixteen lost up in these streets, you the one go Jay Fizzle hope
Hate it went the way it went, I swear this shit still feel unreal
Like every time I think about my dawg, I start to sheddin’ tears
Like every time I think about my dawg, I start to poppin’ pills
Every time I think about my dawg I start to crackin’ seals
My brother, my day one, my cousin, my homie
My best friend, my biggest fan, now you gon’ leave me lonely
My heart keep poundin’, I can’t stop pacin’
I can’t stop clutchin’, my mind keep racin’
Tryna OD off these drugs to erase the whole situation
But I know this shit ain’t good for me, you wanted what’s good for me
You was one of them few niggas that always seen the good in me
I fuck up plenty times, but you ain’t ever threat to cut me off
Always had my back and everybody know I wanted be like Dolph
The way I talk, the way I walk, the way I act, the way I dress
The way I do my thing up in the booth, I learned it from the best
‘Member that time I told you I want a chain, you put two on my neck?
Never forget you always told me “Chase the paper, fuck the bitches”
I wake up every morning, send a text and pray you text me back
Knowin’ that I can’t get you back, I’m knowing that I can’t get you back
Family reunion won’t be the same now I’m knowin’ I ain’t got my nigga
Damn, this shit here fuckin’ with me, damn, I can’t stop thinkin’ ’bout you

[Chorus: Ricco Barrino]
Oh, I’m sitting in the rain in the back of the Phantom (Of the Phantom)
Tryna rewind everything that just happened
They took my brother away from me, yeah
They took a man from his family, yeah
I’m all in tears, I can’t eat no more, can’t sleep no more
We was ‘sposed to see a whole ‘nother world
You left a mind that’ll touch the whole world
So here’s a letter from your kids and your girl
And it reads: “Even though you’re gone, your legacy lives on”
I told myself I gotta stay strong
I had to write this song
Yeah, about the Memphis king, yeah, mhm

[Interlude: Jay Fizzle]
This shit forever, nigga (Forever ever)
You know I love you
Straight up
Just hurt me ’cause I ain’t get to tell you everything I need to tell you though

[Verse 2: Jay Fizzle]
But one thing for sure, you know I love your ass to death, nigga
And that’s a big fact, on grandma grave, I meant that
I got your face tat on my back ’cause you always had me regardless, nigga
You took me out them ‘partments and since then, I ain’t been starvin’, nigga
Plus since then, I been talkin’, nigga, and since then I been poppin’, nigga
Growin’ up, I was stuck and lost, you showed me I got options, nigga
Always told me “Chase the paper, fuck these hoes, and keep it real
Fuck some pussy, get rich, when you done, that bitch gon’ still be here”
Big cousin, but you more big brother, we thug together, you knew my struggle
‘Member that day you told me I was straight, I ain’t have to sell no record
You hate to see me mad or down, always wanted to see me smiling
Love to see your lil’ niggas stand up, no doubt, gang, we gon’ hold it down

[Outro: Jay Fizzle]
Can’t even feel none of this shit right now
Like this shit still feel unreal (Like this shit fake or somethin’)
Shit crazy (Shit hurt, this shit got me)
You know we got you though, my dawg, for real (Always)
No doubt we got you, promise you (On God)
Illuminati business, Paper Route business, no business
Fuck you talkin’ ’bout, Taliban shit (Empire)


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