Kel P unveils the visual for the Afro-club “What Have You Done?” track

Date 2023-05-27

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Nigerian record producer and singer, Kel P premieres the music video for the song, “What Have You Done?” produced by The Elements.

Grammy-winning Nigerian producer/vocalist and Nigerian multihyphenate KEL-P (aka Kel P Vibes) returns with dance-ready tune “What Have You Done?” with an accompanying video via Jones Worldwide and Virgin Music France/Universal Music France and is sure to mesmerize fans with its upbeat, peppy tone.

Kel-P is quickly establishing himself as a force to reckon with in the Afrobeat music scene as a vocalist after his previous exploits as an A-list producer which includes a Grammy win and a couple of Grammy nominations. His first EP, “Bully Season Vol.1,” which was supported by the single “One More Night,” has garnered nearly 4 million streams, proving his popularity among music lovers. With his brand new single, “What Have You Done?”, Kel-P confirms his reputation as the Afrobeat revelation of 2023.

“What Have You Done?” mixed by Leandro “DRO” Hidalgo is an Afro-club single that is co-produced by The Elements. The song is accompanied by an intense music video that showcases an underground party in Lisbon. Through this video, Kel-P seeks to make us dance and have a good time. The music video captures the essence of the song, and it perfectly aligns with the whole project’s ambition.

Kel-P’s ambition is to create music that makes listeners dance and have a good time. He is a multi-platinum star-producer who is now surprising us with his singer qualities. With “What Have You Done?” he showcases his versatility and proves that he is a complete artist.

The upbeat tempo, infectious rhythm, and soulful vocals of “What Have You Done?” make it a perfect party anthem. The song is sure to get listeners on their feet and dancing. Kel-P has mastered the art of creating music that gets people moving, and “What Have You Done?” is no exception.

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Grammy Award winner, Kel P releases “What Have You Done?” (+Lyrics)

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