King Promise drops video for “Terminator (remix)” with Young Jonn

Date 2023-07-22

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Ghanaian artist King Promise releases the music video for the “Terminator” remix featuring Young Jonn. The hit song was produced by Killbeatz. Don’t miss this epic visual experience!

King Promise, the Ghanaian musical sensation, has delighted his fans with the highly-anticipated music video for the remix of his hit song “Terminator.” This electrifying remix features the talented Nigerian producer and singer, Young Jonn, adding his unique touch to the already infectious track. The original song, produced by the acclaimed Killbeatz, has already captured the hearts of music lovers, and the addition of Young Jonn’s magic takes it to a whole new level.

In the music video, King Promise and Young Jonn deliver captivating performances that perfectly complement the high-energy vibe of the song. The visuals are a perfect blend of creativity and artistry, showcasing the artists’ charisma and passion for their craft.

“Terminator” is a true testament to King Promise’s musical prowess and ability to create chart-topping hits. With its catchy melodies, groovy beats, and memorable lyrics, the song has already become a favorite among fans across Africa and beyond.

Young Jonn’s collaboration on the remix adds a fresh dimension to the track, bringing together the best of both worlds from Ghana and Nigeria. The synergy between the two artists is evident in the music video, as they effortlessly create a masterpiece that is sure to dominate the airwaves and dancefloors.

Killbeatz’s expert production skills shine through in the remix, providing the perfect foundation for King Promise and Young Jonn to deliver their electrifying performances. The fusion of Ghanaian and Nigerian musical influences in “Terminator” showcases the richness and diversity of African music.

In conclusion, the music video for the “Terminator” remix is a visual delight that complements the infectious energy of the song. King Promise and Young Jonn’s collaboration is a match made in music heaven, and the remix is bound to leave a lasting impression on music enthusiasts everywhere. As King Promise continues to soar to new heights in the music industry, “Terminator” stands as a testament to his remarkable talent and potential for even greater success in the future.

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Ghana’s King Promise remixes “Terminator” with Young Jonn (+Lyrics)

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