Latto – Smoking on My Ex Pack (Freestyle) (Lyrics, Video)

Date 2023-01-29

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Latto in a new video performs a cover of SZA’s “Smoking on My Ex Pack” track in a new freestyle. Read the lyrics for the song.

Latto Smoking On My Ex Pack (freestyle)

Latto Smoking On My Ex Pack (freestyle)

While everyone immediately claimed “Kill Bill” as the best song off of S.O.S., “Smokin On My Ex Pack” was another highlight that showcased SZA in a new light. The record, produced by Jay Versace, found SZA coming through with bars over Roc-A-Fella-esque production.

The ATL rapper surprised fans on Thursday night when she unveiled her new freestyle over “Smoking On My Ex Pack.” The rapper expertly navigates through the Jay Versace-produced banger as she details grievances with her ex, social media, and the rap game at large. It’s another solid offering from Latto that showcases that she hasn’t lost her roots as a lyricist, despite her immense commercial success.

Latto released her last studio album, 777 last year but she hasn’t held back from dropping new music. She released the single “PUSSY” in response to the overturning of Roe V. Wade. Then, she linked up with Bantu, Maroon 5 and Yung Bleu on the “One Light” remix. However, the singles she dropped in late 2022 indicated that she might be in album mode. She unleashed “FTCU” ft. GloRilla and the late Gangsta Boo before the unveiling, “Another Nasty Song.”

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Big Latto, damn
Big Latto, damn

Damn, this nigga did me foul
He got me losing weight
Tried to go big and now he losing faith
I done seen hoes come and go
So I ain’t never phased (Uh-huh)
Better ask my last nigga
Ain’t a bitch can take my place
Sundress with no panties on
But I wear the pants (Pants)
I been showing my ass without a Onlyfans (‘fans)
You know, the rumors come with privacy (Uh-huh)
Hmm, more money, more anxiety (Grr)
Let this nigga tell it, I be tripping for no reason
Of course, I took ’em back
You know, I’m Mrs. Get Even
Bitch, I’m Mrs. Last laugh
Turned the gang into my staff, no cap
I done checked more pussies then a pap (Bitch)
Smoking on my ex (Grr)
Shitting on his bitch
Thinking ‘bout my sex
All this water on my wrist (Uh)
Got ’em thinking I switched
Nah, Big Energy just hit
If you think a nigga ain’t claiming this
You smoking dick, that’s a joke
And it’s still giving coke (And what?)
And I still ain’t post my nigga (And what?)
Made ’em pull they true religion back out
With just a picture (Haha)
Yes, I swallow everytime
How you think I got the Vette? (Skrrt)
How you think I got the Lamb? (Skrrt)
Y’all too easily impressed
Stop comparing me to trends
’Fore I’m smoking on yo’ fav’ (Damn)
Eyes lower than the bar
I’m from Atlanta, don’t get brave (Brr)
Bitch, makeup needs me
The, “She don’t write” rumored weak (Uh-huh)
Y’all too goddamn gullible
I could do this in my sleep (Damn)
Disrespect will be not tolerated (Uh-uh)
22′ I dominated (Yeah)
Yeah, I see the talk
I’m busy celebrating these nominations

[Outro: SZA]
Smokin’ on my ex pack tonight
Smokin’ on my ex pack tonight
Smokin’ on my ex pack tonight
Smokin’ on—
You can trust in me
I can, you said
“I can trust in you”
I can

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