Lil Baby – Funk Flex #Freestyle195 (Lyrics, Video)

Date 2022-10-17

Category Lyrics, Music Video

Lil Baby is seen in a new video dropping barz over a Wheezy-produced piece on Hot 97’s Funk Flex #Freestyle195.

Lil Baby Funk Flex #freestyle195

Lil Baby Funk Flex #freestyle195

The “Drip Too Hard” MC is at a point where he flips through his lyrical topics with the ease of flipping through a book, weaving together personal anecdotes, states of mind, material wealth, crew loyalty, relationship drama, and a slew of different ways to tell rappers he’s better than them. On this freestyle, he does exactly that while adapting smoothly to different flows, rhyme patterns, and verse rhythms. They are the skills that have garnered his album much praise, and that will likely propel the album to a #1 spot on the charts this week.

It’s no surprise Lil Baby kills his freestyles; it’s the namesake of one of his breakout songs. But the 27-year-old also knows that with such consistency can come a lot of tedium, so he makes his punchlines count as much as he can to provide more quality than quantity. The emphasis is on his rhymes and flows, but he includes a few cool lines in here. He raps about everyone in his circle running an M or better, there’s so much going on his phone that he doesn’t need to text, and asks Universal to re-route his checks.

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(Wheezy outta here)

Cool lil’ shit, I’m diggin’ her skin complexion
Little do she know I’m next
Everybody ’round me ran up a M or better
I don’t really never got to flex
Too much goin’ on to be in my phone, for real
I don’t really never got to text
When I call, she gon’ come through
I’m who all of them run to
If we honest, I ain’t stunt you
Shit I go through, it’ll hunt you
Turn your man up, he wants that too
I’m just sayin’, you ain’t got to
Catch ’em playin’, we gon’ drop you
Wipe his nose, he better not, “Achoo”
You fall short, you know I got you
He’ll do it, I don’t doubt it
I won’t tell no one about it
She never speak to me when we in public, but, somehow we always make eye contact
Change my number, delete my contact
Tell Universal to write my checks
I’m on some other shit, be right back
Can’t get caught up on my feet layin’ flat
I know what’s up, that shit be like that
New Maybach plush in the back, sittin’ back
Woah, I was taught to never slime out your dawg
You was walkin’, nigga, yeah, you a car
Could’ve left you, but, I made you a part
A lot of shit I see him doin’, I started
You switched on me, that’s a hard pill, I swallowed it
You a fuck boy, so that’s what I’m callin’ you
Put my piece down and I flip my collar up
You ain’t even get to ride in the ‘Rarri
I can not be who you want me to be
If I were to switch it up, it wouldn’t be me
All this work I put in, shit ain’t come easy
Shout out [?]
[?] people didn’t believe it
Twenty-thousand people sold out in Phoenix
I be itchin’ for a hundred, I’m fiendin’
Beat ya, baby mama, up in a Demon
She wanna ride ’round in my foreign
Told her, “We got to stay low, sorry”
Bulletproof Cadillac for my kids
Bro, don’t be talkin’ ’bout what we did
Why you ain’t go with them when they spin
I would’ve been with, but, I’m rich
I had to switch it up from the life I was livin’, turn it up a little bit
Hundred rounds on a stick
He just got out from a bid
They ain’t really with the shit
Hood niggas really rich


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