Megan Thee Stallion – L.A. Leakers Freestyle #148 (Lyrics, Video)

Date 2022-08-18

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Watch as American female rapper, Megan Thee Stallion feature on Power 106 Los Angeles’ LA Leakers Freestyle’s 148th episode, rapping over Warren G and Nate Dogg’s classic song, “Regulate.”

Megan Thee Stallion L.a. Leakers Freestyle #148

Megan Thee Stallion L.a. Leakers Freestyle #148

Almost three years since Megan Thee Stallion first made waves on L.A. Leakers as she delivered a freestyle, she returns with another set of feisty bars, this time over a Hip Hop classic as she tackles Warren G and Nate Dogg’s “Regulate.”

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Ass move like water but I’m known to be a solid bitch
All that fuckin’ hating y’all be doin’, it ain’t stoppin’ shit
I don’t need a watch for me to let him know what time it is
You grown now, I ain’t doin’ nothin’ that your mama did
Never gave a fuck like that, I ain’t never broke my hymen, uh
I rock Louis slippers ’cause I’m always out here sliding, ayy
She say I’m a ho because her nigga on my body, uh
Guess I got her mad ’cause a ho like me be shining, ayy
I’m a Texas bitch, I ain’t scared of shit, yes, thick girls can take dick
I don’t really fuck with none of y’all, y’all can miss me with that handshake shit
Fucked up, like, “What’s up?,” when I walk in, put your cups up
I’m with the nigga with the big pockets or the bad bitch with the big butt
Hot girl, I be playin’ dumb because these niggas be lame-o’s
These niggas get to poppin’ Percs and want a bitch to suck on they playdough
42, that weren’t me talkin’, please, stop all that damn stalkin’
These niggas wanna take shots then fall in love, I was just talking
These bitches don’t like me but I got to make ’em hate me, uh
How you wanna be me, at the same time wanna shade me? Uh
I be makin’ money on the motherfuckin’ daily, uh
Got my label mad but them niggas got to pay me, ayy
Who y’all hoes be talking to? Ignore y’all how your father do
Until one of y’all hoes say my name, no, I can’t acknowledge you
Bitch, you on your first Rollie, ain’t shit ’bout your wrist flooded
Talk to me when you really make it, when you get done with all of that dick suckin’
I run shit, regulate it, niggas and these bitches hatin’
Don’t compare me to these other rappers, keep us separated
They be tootin’ white, I drink brown, bitch, we segregated
They be chasin’ niggas through they city, I be chasin’ paper
Yeah, now what you wanna do?
A bitch want beef, I’ma pull up, like, “Moo!”
But I don’t wanna fight, we can take it to the booth
‘Cause you know I blew a bag on my hair and my shoes
Bitch, you know I treat these niggas like hors d’oeuvres on the table
I take a little bite and I might get me some for later
But I don’t get full ’cause there’s way too many flavors
But if that shit was banging, I may have to pack a plate up

Ahaha, yeah
Megan The Stallion goin’ crazy
Real motherfuckin’ hot girl shit
Don’t compare- Don’t compare her to the other rappers
Don’t compare me to these other rappers (You feel me?)

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