Method Man – Boom (Lyrics, Video)

Date 2020-08-05

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Method Man & Erick Sermon unveil new ‘Premier Lacross League’ song “Boom”. Read the lyrics, watch the video to the song.

Method Man Boom

Method Man Boom

It’s a rarity to get new music from Method Man these days. He’s taken his talents to the worlds of film and television, though he’s still active musically to some degree. This week, he teamed up with Erick Sermon for their new single, “Boom” which was created for the Premier Lacross League. Meth’s infectious charisma and smooth-as-velvet flow carry the track with references to the sport as he parallels it to the streets.

“I am honored to be able to debut my song I did just for the PLL,” Meth says ahead of the song. “Hope you guys enjoy it. This song was inspired by the years that I played lacrosse and my son also helped me with the hook. He’s a sports guy.”

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Boy, ain’t no steppin’ on my feet
When I’m shootin’ for my goal, ain’t no steppin’ in the crease
I’m guessin’ nobody told you I’m a legend in these streets
[?] stampin’, no disrespectin’, body check ’em when we meet
My [?] take their face off, my city never sleeps
Cross sticks on my uni, lookin’ pretty with my cleats
Clash of the titans, y’all just fightin’ to compete
With the hand that rocks the cradle like Paul Rabil the beast
I’m a gladiator, no denyin’ I’m elite
Don’t mean to step on your toes, but I ain’t tryin’ to see defeat
If this a cold world I’ma keep applyin’ the heat
With the testicular fortitude fortifyin’ my fleet
I carry a big stick, I’m pickin’ my shot
You think I’m tacky, I’m thinkin’ “should I stick ’em or not?”
Call a tech, the ref trippin’, it’s fittin’ to be hot
I’m a menace, too many minutes in the penalty box

We hit the bills like (Boom)
All day like (Boom)
All night like (Boom)
Every fight like (Boom)
Offense like (Boom)
Defense like (Boom)
All squad like (Boom)
We hittin’ yard like (Boom)
What it sound like? (Boom)
What it sound like? (Boom)
What it sound like? (Boom)
What it sound like? (Boom)
What it sound like? (Boom)
What it sound like? (Boom)
What it sound like? (Boom)
(Boom, boom, boom)

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