“Eze Ebube”: Monique drops live performance video for Wale Sax-featured piece

Date 2023-08-23

Category Music Video

From the live recording series, Live & Intimate With Monique, Nigerian gospel singer, Monique releases the music video for the new “Eze Ebube” song featuring Wale Sax.

Nigerian gospel singer Monique continues to bless audiences with her soul-stirring music, and her latest release, “Eze Ebube,” is no exception. This beautiful song is part of her “Live and Intimate With Monique” recording series, and it features the talented saxophonist Wale Sax. The accompanying music video captures the essence of the worshipful atmosphere and showcases the musicians’ exceptional talents.

In the third installment of her “Live and Intimate With Monique” session, Monique delivers a heartfelt performance that resonates with spiritual depth. “Eze Ebube” is a spontaneous worship session that embodies the essence of adoration and reverence. The addition of Wale Sax’s soulful saxophone adds a layer of richness to the music, creating an immersive experience for listeners.

The music video for “Eze Ebube” captures the intimacy and authenticity of the live recording session. Monique’s emotive vocals, combined with Wale Sax’s expressive saxophone melodies, create a synergy that uplifts the soul. As viewers watch the video, they are invited to join in the worshipful atmosphere, connecting with the song’s message and the spiritual journey it embodies.

Monique’s ability to infuse her music with heartfelt emotion and genuine worship is evident in “Eze Ebube.” The song’s lyrics offer praise and adoration to the Creator, celebrating His majesty and glory. The collaboration with Wale Sax adds a unique dimension to the song, enhancing its impact and allowing both artists to showcase their exceptional musical talents.

The “Live and Intimate With Monique” recording series has consistently delivered powerful and moving worship experiences, and “Eze Ebube” is no exception. The song’s message of praise and gratitude resonates with audiences, inviting them to connect with the divine in a meaningful way. Monique’s sincerity and passion shine through, making “Eze Ebube” a standout addition to her repertoire.

As listeners engage with “Eze Ebube,” they are reminded of the transformative power of worship music and its ability to connect hearts and spirits. Monique and Wale Sax’s collaboration is a testament to their shared commitment to delivering music that touches souls and leads listeners into a deeper experience of worship.

The music video for “Eze Ebube” captures the essence of the live recording session, allowing viewers to witness the genuine emotions and connection between the artists and their audience. It serves as an invitation to experience the song’s worshipful journey and to join in the celebration of God’s greatness.

Monique’s “Eze Ebube” featuring Wale Sax stands as a powerful declaration of praise and adoration, encapsulating the essence of worship in a captivating musical experience.

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