NLE Choppa – “Quiet Storm (Freestyle)” [Video]

NLE Choppa - Quiet Storm (Freestyle) (prod. Havoc)

unveils video for new freestyle titled “” and produced by Hovoc.

Nle Choppa Quiet Storm (freestyle)
Nle Choppa Quiet Storm (freestyle)

For his part, Choppa fares quite nicely over Havoc’s ominous production. Though he lacks the urgency of Mobb Deep’s legendary pair, Choppa’s perspective is engaging enough to retain interest, even if it’s evident that he’s stepping outside of his comfort zone in the flow department. Still, it’s interesting enough to see a young artist dipping into the golden era, and he certainly delivers a few slick gangsta rap bars as he hits his stride.

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Never dodging when my brotha say it’s hammer time
Slide up in my mama car, hop out the whip and run him down
Excited killas when we do it we make sure we smile
Blood on my shoes, black Forces, red bottoms now


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