Polo G – “Funk Flex Freestyle” [Lyrics, Video]

Date 2021-06-10

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Throwback to the ‘Hot 97’ Funk Flex Freestyle by Polo G, produced by DJ Juanito. Watch the video, read the lyrics for the freestyle.

Polo G Funk Flex Freestyle

Polo G Funk Flex Freestyle


[Intro: Polo G & Funk Flex]
Yo, it’s Polo G and I came to freestyle on Funk Flex and Hot 97
You know what it is, Funk Flex, Polo G’s here
We gon’ get to it
I had a good time at the concert, my brother

Appreciate it
I enjoyed myself over there
Okay, DJ Juanito’s on the set, let’s do it
You got something?

Scriptures for the trenches, this the real nigga chronicles
Circumstances forced us to them streets, it wasn’t optional
Think before your actions, that bitch karma is unstoppable
Devil always working, it’s like shit get diabolical
Always thanking God, but big shout out to my mama too
Tryna be the greatest, I be thinking like what Pac would do
Had to ask myself; like why you in that cell and not the stu’?
Took a lot to get here, this shit almost felt impossible
Look at me I made it, overcame so many obstacles
Can’t argue with a hater, cause it’s clear they don’t think logical
I’m hot and you delusional, if you believe that’s not the truth
Really earned my stripes up in this shit, how could you not salute?
I know I might never get my props if I’m an opp to you
Murder rate outta control ain’t really shit the cops could do
Living by the gun, the killers who we gave our honor to
Got some screws missing, all them deaths in me had knocked them loose
Remember riding back seat, tryna see who I could shoot
I hopped off that porch and it weren’t really shit my pops could do
1300 raised me, if you ain’t gang then I can’t rock with you
Tim Tim every August 12th, we turn up on that block for you
TwinNem died for us, it’s only right we let out shots for you
Shawty, hot’nem slide and they gon’ make sure something drop for you
Diss one of my brothers, that’s some’ I advise you not to do
If they try to speak, the weather green, flip that Honda Coupe
Shooters on that corner, like they focused on their follow through
Switches on them Glizzys, time to show ’em what them Glocks can do
Like the A-Team, when it’s war we bring them choppers through
Love Lil Wooski hot ass, he be posted with a jock or two
Shit be fun and games, till them bullets rain on top of you
Simple man, I like my women brown and my dollars blue
Got a pretty lady from the island, she tastes tropical
Long hair, smart and that mh, it’s phenomenal
223’s daily business, AR spit out crayons
I be going hard for my warriors like Draymond
I put my hood on, they wanna kill me like I’m Trayvon
Remember I was locked up they wouldn’t let me out like Akon
Now I stay in Calabasas, I was in the lions den
Talked about how long I lasted, came out with a fresh mink
Some Dolce kicks and Gucci glasses
Finna take them for a ride, I just hope your seatbelt fastened
I was so depressed and broke, everyday was filled with sadness
Remember in my junior year, I was failing all my classes
Now I’m up in first class, flying over the horizon
I don’t want no IG hoes, them goofy suckers for the plastic
A lot of niggas cappin’, wanna kill them all to stop the madness
Same with the shinanigans, want my chain? Then come and grab it
Witnesses gon’ tell a story, aight look, this what happened:
Dude reached his arm out, bunch of pistols got to blastin’
Broke my heart at 15 to see my friend up in that casket
Do this for my fallen soldiers, so it’s hard to stop from spazzing
I’m like Leonard in the final
Silent killer at it’s finest, show him he consistent
Every album I’m gon’ drop a classic
I’ma bet the odds and die the greatest like that nigga Cassius
Ayy, like that nigga Cassius
Like that nigga Cassius

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