Quavo Releases “Hold Me” Visuals as a Tribute on the Album “Rocket Power”

Date 2023-10-12

Category Music Video

Quavo premieres the official music video for the “Hold Me” piece of music produced by Aldae, BNYX® & Jimmie Gutch.

Quavo’s album “Rocket Power” is highly anticipated and has now been released. The album is a tribute to Takeoff, a late and beloved member of Migos who tragically passed away nine months ago during an altercation stemming from a dice game. Takeoff’s death deeply impacted the world of hip-hop and left many still mourning the loss.

In an Instagram post shared a few months ago, Quavo expressed that “Rocket Power keeps me going, rocket power gives me fuel. Rocket Power will help us all overcome whatever we’re going through.” This album, including the song “Hold Me,” seems to serve as a source of strength, therapy, and reflection for Quavo as he processes the loss and continues his musical journey.

“Hold Me” is a heartfelt and introspective song in which Quavo discusses his mental state and his relationship with faith and God. The accompanying music video complements the song’s message beautifully. The video is split into two parts: the first half portrays those close to Takeoff coming together to celebrate his life, while the second half shows Quavo performing live in what appears to be a tribute show for his late friend.

The combination of powerful lyrics and emotionally charged visuals makes “Hold Me” a touching and meaningful tribute to Takeoff and showcases Quavo’s talent for translating his emotions into his music and artistry.

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