Roddy Ricch – Funk Flex Freestyle 197 (Lyrics, Video)

Date 2022-11-28

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Roddy Ricch features on the 197th episode of Hot 97’s Funk Flex Freestyle. Watch the video, read the lyrics.

Roddy Ricch Funk Flex Freestyle 197

Roddy Ricch Funk Flex Freestyle 197

Roddy Ricch is fresh off of the release of his latest body of work, Feed Tha Streets III. However, he has more bars to let off. This week, the rapper joined Funk Flex for his latest freestyle where he laid down some bars to Jay-Z’s hit record, “I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me),” produced by none other than the Neptunes.

Roddy doesn’t hesitate to remind everyone of his accomplishments, including the gargantuan success of “The Box.” Subsequently, he firmly pushes back against the notion that he fell off with details of his luxurious lifestyle, from foreign cars to an endless amount of designer drip. “Wrappin’ all these diamonds ’round my neck ’cause I’m a narcissist,” he wraps over the funky Neptunes production. “My whip look like darkness, blow me like a cartridge.”

The new freestyle comes shortly after first-week sales projections of Feed Tha Streets III. The rapper is expected to debut in the top 10 of the Billboard 200 this week with 35K units. If the projections are correct, then Feed Tha Streets III will serve as Roddy Ricch’s third top-10 album of his career and second within the span of a year.

Ahead of the album’s release, Roddy Ricch literally fed the streets. The rapper teamed restaurants in L.A., Portland, and Houston’s to hand out free meals to fans.

In addition to feeding the streets, he recently wrapped up his stint alongside Post Malone on the Twelve Carat tour. The tour closed out in Roddy’s hometown of Los Angeles on Arena on Nov. 15th and 16th, just before the album dropped.

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Ayy, hey

Make fifty million in the gamer chair
Don’t count the money ’cause I know it’s there
Don’t play with me, this shit ain’t fair
Carry it and bear it
Shit gettin’ scary
Rich, I’m very
Sunday with the Cherri
Whip all white, red guts, cherry on top
Guarantee they send my closet every thread you cop
Lot of you niggas is lukewarm, but, none of you niggas is hot
Went eleven weeks number one, bitch, I came up with, “The Box”
Lot of horses in the engine, Forgies when a bitch trot
Michael Jordan with the ball, Jay-Z with the Roc
Got my mind from my mama
Got the hustle from pops
Niggas want me to stop, so, I’ma keep on droppin’
Around the mansion it’s a ostrich, I’m a trendin’ topic
My lil’ bitch from out the yajects, drop off this deposit
Wrappin’ all these diamonds ’round my neck ’cause I’m a narcasist
My whip look like darkness
You got me like a cartridge
How the fuck you look at us and act like you don’t know we rich?
They say, “Yo’ bitch be on my dick,” never find no ho in me
I’m what I forward to be
Bitch, ain’t no recordin’ me
Out in Portugal, I don’t speak no Portuguese
But, she know get on her knees
I’m black Jesus in my city, nigga
I was seein’ Ps way before the CDs, nigga
I ain’t embarrassed when they say rap changed my life
Make another five hundred when I got on the flight
Reebok got me deals, I need mills
Got to sit down with Doner and show him what I can build
I could make a hundred million off tennis shoes, for real
Might sit back like Ye and stack me a couple mills
Audemar— Mar—M—M— Mar, M— M— Mar— Mar
Pagani, P—P—P—Pagani, Pagani
The doors chop a nigga up like the whip Chinese
Rollin’ in a Demon, tell the Devil, “Get behind me”
Ayy, ayy
Ayy, look
I got in my environment and I can’t warm a studio
Junkie, suicide
Barma, stay away from socials, I don’t like my name in drama
Devil take my life away, I told God to take my trauma
Got famous on my own, my time to go find a Madona
And make a million-dollar baby, I might celebrate Kwanzaa
A famous collar, I make the whole bedroom Prada
Make fifty million next year, I’m just being modest
‘Til then, it’s sheepskin, condoms, and mix all on my clothes
A regular day, it might be Nike down all the way to my toes
Been internalizing scriptures and writin’ down my goals
I can’t never flip, and never fold
It’s Ricch, ayy

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