Video to ‘Spirit’ & ‘Bigger’ by Beyoncé, James Earl Jones (The Lion King extended)

Date 2019-07-25

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Watch the official Videos to Spirit by Beyonce and Bigger by Beyonce & James Earl Jones. The songs are off the newly released Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ (The Gift) album.

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Beyoncé, refusing to step off of our necks, has released an extended version of her “Spirit” music video, adding the song “Bigger” but keeping the same amount of looks. Many! Oh, so many looks! Red strappy looks, blue wrap looks, patterned jumpsuit looks, the large pink-and-purple gown looks, and of course, a Blue Ivy look. The original video premiered during an ABC News special with Robin Roberts, in which Beyoncé sat for an interview about the upcoming album she curated for the movie. “This soundtrack is a love letter to Africa,” she said in the interview. “and I wanted to make sure we found the best talent from Africa, and not just use some of the sounds and did my interpretation of it.”

See the Video to Spirit by Beyonce and the video to Bigger by Beyonce and James Earl Jones

See the Video to Spirit alone

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