Wiz Khalifa – Love To Smoke (Lyrics, Video)

Date 2023-01-19

Category Lyrics, Music Video

Wiz Khalifa unveils yet another freestyle video. This time, titled “Love To Smoke.” Read the lyrics, watch the music video.

Wiz Khalifa Love To Smoke

Wiz Khalifa Love To Smoke

The Taylor Gang honcho blessed fans with a new video to the single on Wednesday. The groovy record samples Rene & Angela’s “I Love You More” but Wiz uses the interpolation as a moment to profess his love for his favorite plant. Throughout the song, Wiz describes his undeniable love for smoking weed. Despite the stigma surrounding cannabis, Wiz Khalifa reflects on the success he’s experienced as a result of his habits.

“Who would of thought smokin’ weed in a basement/ Now I’m making 500 million,” he raps on the song. Between running a successful label, a fruitful music career of his own, and his numerous ventures in the cannabis industry, it’s safe to say that Wiz has defied stereotypes surrounding smokers.

“If you smoked weed for the majority of your life and you just stopped smoking weed, don’t try to convince everybody that your life has changed so much just ‘cause you quit smoking weed, dog,” Wiz began. “That shit – it don’t happen that fast. Tap in about 15 years when the effects really kick in.”

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Back when I was a kid I used to drive alone
Always feeling like I was stuck out here on my own
Now my pockets is full and I’m still riding slow
What goes on in my head, don’t nobody really know
I’m in the light, all on my life get put on display
Nothing to call my own, ducking, dodging everyday
Put that camera phone away and keep it real with me
Time to time again I’m searching for reality
And feeling so alone

Alone again (x3)

I’m smoking that weed everyday but never hide my faith
They calling my phone, I don’t even got the time a day
Don’t know their motives anymore that’s why I hesitate
I’m tired of partying, getting drunk, I’m trying to elevate
I remember back in the day, I ain’t had no cash
I was coming up off of nothing hoping it would last
Now it’s 2015 and I got it all
Feeling like I did, when I started on my own
Out here all alone

Alone again (x3)

No use looking out
It’s within that brings that
Lonely feeling
Understand that when you leave here
You’ll be clear
Among the better men


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