YBN Nahmir – “Militant” [Lyrics, Video]

Date 2021-09-19

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YBN Nahmir is here with the visual for the new “Militant” track produced by Honcho Beats. Stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download.

Ybn Nahmir Militant

Ybn Nahmir Militant

YBN Nahmir has been catching a lot of flack as of late, especially after releasing the track “Soul Train,” which was considered the greatest misstep of his career. Nahmir has been trying to get over the song for a while now, and on Saturday night, he came through with a brand new effort called “Militant” which sees the rapper try his hand at the Detroit flow that has become so popular over the last couple of years.

With this song, we get a skeletal beat that features some booming bass that helps enhance the violent lyrics that Nahmir raps. His flow contains that offbeat Flint style, and it’s apparent that he is trying to make it all work as he experiments with this style for the very first time.

YBN Nahmir – Militant (prod. Honcho Beats)

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Got a lil something for that ass baby

As soon as I walk into the function, get my dick licked
I see them niggas lookin’, I let my Glock dance before I dance
If my brother tell my shooter we shoot the club up, just me and him
Shot this nigga seven times he still alive, he should’ve been dead (Ayy, grrah, pow, pow, pow)
That white Porsche, pull up to the trap with a big bitch
Get yo’ shit snatched, don’t take him to me nigga go get yo chains back
Bullets rain on they block, go tell ’em niggas get a rain cap
30 hangin’ out the .40, knock off a nigga wave cap
Hah, lil bitch, I’m the one that got us poppin’ with this rappin’ shit
You can catch me in thе field, with a deal, I’m still poppin’ shit
You can catch me in that North with a 100k up in my pockеts bitch
Ain’t no squabbling lil’ baby, I keep a rocket
She know this Rollie bussin’, but I’m feelin’ like I want the AP
With my Spanish bitch, she used to be the plug, she call me papi
Hit up Berry, said I bet they can’t say shit about the Nadi’s
Hit that finish line first, I couldn’t let no nigga stop me
Nigga talking bout Soul Train? I get his bitch trained
Ditch the .44 nigga, now bouncin’ out with AKs
Took her to the crib, she pop that pill and now she activated
I seen it in they eyes from the beginning they was fuckin’ haters
You know I ain’t trippin’, I’m still gon’ ball like a fuckin’ Laker
The bitch boys who want fades, I’m handin’ out tapers
He went back with that whole clip he ain’t in that pavement
Militant we come through shootin’ like we in the Navy
He a bitch, he ain’t gon’ slide, he internet bangin’
I’m not that lil’ nigga that got popped, we the real takers
I’ma step by myself that’s on the set I don’t need no favors
They know I ain’t walkin’ in that bitch unless I got my banger
You know I’m hittin’ at any nigga that’s trying to play me
Hold on, baby, let me come in you
But it’s still fuck the other side, we get to blowin’ they gon’ tap in
Can’t show sixty-five bands? You a lil kid
Bitch what I spend in a day, probably past your rent
You still be trippin’ doin’ hits on my momma Benz
It’s cool, she know what it is on my momma kid
Nigga yo momma’ll probably tell if you did a skit
Bitch we back to back, Foreigns in the street and we blow her down
Gang-banging hella water down, I’m tired of [?]
Catch a DP, if the homie all on Insta with his pistol out
My HG empty the mag, I told her chill out
Nigga might have to stop rappin’ it’s gettin’ real now
Bitch I swear I love that smell when we air it out
Bitch I swear I hate the neck, cause we can squirt it out
Diss on that low, and then we ampin’ out yo daddy house
From the papi side, from the cherry side, we with all that
When yo’ nigga die, rub off the paint cause he’ll do the same


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