Zeez [@thereal_zeez] – Sankolo : Behind The Scenes : Photos

Date 2014-04-15

Category Music Video

The highly anticipated video of ‘Sankolo’ the latest musical offering from Zeez (the 4kasibe crooner) is finally ready to hit the screen. The unstoppable music video is scheduled for release on April 20, 2014, and it is a must see.$_o

Zeez told a reporter with HF Magazine, our sister company, in a friendly chat during the exclusive peek-preview of the video that he is finally set to soar to the highest level of the African music scene with the active backing of his new record label (HF Media). $_o

The audio of the mid-tempo single is already out with an extremely attractive CD sleeve while the expertly produced visual is guaranteed to have viewers glued to the screen. $_o

In tune with the wise saying, “the taste of the pudding is in the eating”; we would refrain from letting the full cat out of the bag until April 20th when you’ll be able to enjoy munching the entire delicious Sankolo pudding. $_o

Check out the photos from the shoot below and tell mpmania what yo think…. $_o o_$


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